5 affordable ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts can be expensive and the ones in Switzerland are some of the best in the world. No wonder, they can make you pay. But those who have less money or less willingness to spend money need not go back disappointed. There are affordable ones as well though it is better to narrow down the best ones before you start your Swiss tour.

La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz

We understand your requirements and your unwillingness to do all the hard work. So, here we have buried our head over tons of pages and have scooped up five ski resorts which are affordable and, hence, recommended for you:



  1. La Tzoumaz: This resort is situated in the same region as Verbier, the top-class ski resort and one which you must visit if you have got money. But those who cannot afford to stay put at Verbier, La Tzoumaz is a cheaper alternative. It is certainly budget-friendly and is also free from the clutter which can make you sick during peak season at resorts like Verbier. The tracks are equally enthralling. Just don’t expect the kind of luxury you can get at Verbier and you’ll be fully contended.
  2. Andermatt: Andermatt is one of the most underrated ski resorts in the world. It is a pity that it hasn’t got its due, despite the fact that it shares its neighborhood with biggies like Verbier and Zermatt. You can get away with a weekly expenditure of just 165 pounds. Didn’t we say it is dirt cheap?
  3. Grindelwald: It is not the cheapest ski resort by any means, but it is one for the budget tourists. Plus, if you can book Europe packages from India, you can expect to cash in on good discount.
  4. Arosa: Arosa has a nice landscape to offer and an equally delightful food to serve its guests. It is a ski resort which is mostly visited by families. A nice ambiance awaits you there at very decent rates.
  5. Davos: Davos is a strange resort since here you will find tourists of both clans- the wealthiest as well as extremely budget-conscious. For an inexpensive Swiss honeymoon tour, you may find this one appealing if you tread about cautiously.



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