Amarnath Yatra Registration How to register for the Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra is a pilgrim journey that transports you to the doorstep of Lord Shiva at his abode in the Amarnath cave. The cave houses the coveted ice shrine of Shiva and is located in the Himalayan territories of Jammu & Kashmir. The yatra season will soon kick off this summer (the yatra is organized between May and October/November) and this can be a great time for you to pay your homage to the Lord of Immortality (or Amarnath).

Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath yatra requires registration since the trip is officially organized and every measure is taken to ensure safety and protection for the pilgrims. It goes without saying that the journey is an arduous one, since there are steep climbs and treks involved which can be both wearisome and adventurous. Most of the pilgrims are in the upper age bracket and it is a test of strength (both physical and mental) for them to negotiate these mountainous tracks. Furthermore, the climate is no friendlier than Harbhajan Singh is to Andrew Symonds! The weather is pretty cold even during the summer months and the frequent outburst of clouds during the monsoons can make the journey a lot more difficult.


Therefore, the officials are very proactive in ensuring foolproof measures and security for every tourist. Facilities have to be provided in right proportion and advance bookings are mandatory. You cannot just wake up one June morning and decide to head to Amarnath. Non-registered pilgrims are denied entry, as per the government’s rule. You will have to get yourself and your family members (all those who are traveling) registered in the prescribed manner a few weeks (or months) before the yatra season commences.

amarnath yatra
Registration is a hassle-free task and can even be done online right from your homely comforts. There are travel portal website, agents, and tour planners who can do the job for you in a jiffy. They will charge a small commission but the amount will be nominal and you shall be provided all the comforts you can ask for.

Online registration for the Amarnath Yatra has already begun a long time back and is in full flow at the moment. You must not delay it further or else you may miss out the deadline. Some important documents which will be required for the registration include:

  • Name in full
  • Gender
  • Address in full
  • Telephone numbers
  • ID proof


In addition, you can also buy the Amarnath Yatra packages for planning your whole itinerary in advance. Such an action would help you avoid unnecessary expenditure and last-minute hassles. Besides, when you are going to remote locations like Amarnath, then it is always recommended to chalk out your schedule in advance. These packages shall also help you save around 30-40% money and would ensure comfortable stay (getting accommodations at the last minute can be very difficult in these sparsely populated hills). With the package, you can also book helicopter flight for you and your entire family since a certain portion of the yatra needs to be traversed through these flying machines.

Singapore on foot: Temples, souvenirs and durians for your itching feet

When you are in Singapore, you may very well feel that you have been sucked into a sci-fic movie. Yes, the amount of technology and high-tech engineering which this city-cum-country has absorbed is astonishing. While you can check them all with one of the tour packages to Singapore or one of those easy-to-avail international honeymoon packages we keep throwing at you, the best way to check this destination out is to travel a bit by foot.

There will be some heat, no doubt. But if you hail from continental India, you will find it a piece of cheese. Travelers trickling in from cooler western nations find it a tad tough to negotiate the afternoon summer heat at the onset. But soon, they get accustomed to the weather and become a part of this fiery city. Globetrotters enjoy running through different attractions on foot. Chinatown, for instance, is a place that fascinates; a perfect amalgamation of old and new. At the same time, the corner is a relish-worthy place for any shopper or eater. To be fair, Chinatown has multiple personalities. It will remind you of history with its heritage landmarks and will also tug at your spiritual side through its age-old temples. The eateries are mostly roadside-built and are hence easy on the tongue (and on the pockets).

Indian Temple Singapore

It is hard to turn a few corners in Singapore without coming face to face with a well-designed maverick-looking temple. The bazaars add a different spice to the culture, making this luxury-looking destination seem so simple and primitive all of a sudden.

Souvenirs need to be carefully handpicked to get the best deals and the highest quality. So, exploring the markets by foot seems the better option on any day. The local fruits will toss some unexpected surprises at you. One fruit you must try is the durian. Some travelers call it a skunk in their traveling parlance because of the disgusting smell which this lime-colored fruit radiates in all its abundance. Be a bit careful while shopping for them since they are not permitted in most of the public transports.

Chinatown Singapore

All in all, a true backpacker always makes sure to allot a day or two for exploring on foot. And Singapore is the best antiseptic for your itching feet.

World Expeditions’ Houseboat Tour from Kerala to Maldives

Kerala is such a beautiful state that one feels that God was really partial to this part of the planet. It is with no regret that travel critics have adjudged Kerala as God’s Own Country, a fitting tribute to a place where nature has chosen to be extremely magnanimous. With Kerala tour packages, any tourist, whether Indian or foreigner, can explore this green corner in the southern India. In many ways, Kerala reminds of tropical islands since its inland water content is very high. The lagoons and backwaters seem to have taken this state under its unyielding grip, giving birth to outdoor revelries like houseboat trips.


Houseboats in Kerala offer an enchanting detour of Kerala’s backwaters. But the booming business has also enabled a lot of people to cross the national boundaries and opt for international tours. With World Expeditions’ Houseboat Tour, one can travel from Kerala to Maldives, both the places remarkably similar in terms of natural beauty but geographically distanced by hundreds of miles. They are quite like the twins of old Bollywood movies who get lost and distanced during childhood only to meet several years later. So, now with such an expedition, you can check out both Kerala and Maldives at one single go.

These backwaters of Kerala let you enjoy the closest possible intimacy with nature. The houseboats are extremely varied, some even having multiple storeys while some boasting of glass-paneled windows and doors. Then there are those fragile-looking bamboo-made houseboats which can wobble precariously and often scarily but the boatmen are so skilled in their jobs that before long your nerves are all settled and you find yourself enjoying the cool whiff of the breeze and the occasional sights & sounds of song birds.


With Maldives tour packages, you can check out the best resorts of the archipelago island. Maldives makes you feel totally cut off from the world since its tiny islands mostly have limited number of accommodations. So, a lot of privacy and personal space are guaranteed to every visitor. Do not expect a loud lifestyle at this island. It is primarily for those who are looking for a do-not-disturb time with nature.

Snorkel in Bali for a peep into the clandestine lives of eels and rays

Snorkelling is an experience which one doesn’t forget in a hurry. Granted that it is not as big a thing as scuba diving, but it is an underwater sport which is simpler, safer and easier. Bali, being the kind of destination that Bali is, is a paradise for the divers. The waters are transparent almost like a cellophane paper through which you can gaze at the other side, peeping like a stalker into the private lives of the eels and manta rays. With tour packages to Bali, something like snorkeling should definitely be included.


Snorkeling does not entail any risk and so it does not necessitate any formal training. As long as you have eyes and as long as the ocean has treasures, snorkeling will come across as an unforgettable experience. Bali is a top Indonesian island and has a number of beaches and diving sites. Now, the interesting bit is that each diving site presents a new story where the corals are the protagonists and the fishes form the colorful characters. Amuk Bay, Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Puri Jati are some of the more popular diving sites. Here, the life which is bubbling beneath is more watchable, more riveting and certainly more easily accessible to the eyes.


Depending on the season and the tantrum of the weather, the visibility varies. If the sea is turbulent, the waves will be foamy and visibility will get compromised. On the other hand, stiller water paves way to deeper and clearer visibility thereby allowing your eyes an oceanic feast.

Snorkeling and Diving in Bali-Nusa Lembongan

Also, do keep in mind that the sea is not as friendly as it seems from the shores. The undercurrents can often take you by surprise. So, it is best to stick to a group or to stay under the glare of a trainer. You do not want to become an underwater creature yourself, do you?


Bali all inclusive honeymoon can be super-fun. Snorkeling is just another form of romance, where your muse is sea and the bed is rather sandy (and stony) but enthralling nonetheless. Also, consult the local trainer/instructor to figure out the best time for snorkeling in a particular site.