World Expeditions’ Houseboat Tour from Kerala to Maldives

Kerala is such a beautiful state that one feels that God was really partial to this part of the planet. It is with no regret that travel critics have adjudged Kerala as God’s Own Country, a fitting tribute to a place where nature has chosen to be extremely magnanimous. With Kerala tour packages, any tourist, whether Indian or foreigner, can explore this green corner in the southern India. In many ways, Kerala reminds of tropical islands since its inland water content is very high. The lagoons and backwaters seem to have taken this state under its unyielding grip, giving birth to outdoor revelries like houseboat trips.


Houseboats in Kerala offer an enchanting detour of Kerala’s backwaters. But the booming business has also enabled a lot of people to cross the national boundaries and opt for international tours. With World Expeditions’ Houseboat Tour, one can travel from Kerala to Maldives, both the places remarkably similar in terms of natural beauty but geographically distanced by hundreds of miles. They are quite like the twins of old Bollywood movies who get lost and distanced during childhood only to meet several years later. So, now with such an expedition, you can check out both Kerala and Maldives at one single go.

These backwaters of Kerala let you enjoy the closest possible intimacy with nature. The houseboats are extremely varied, some even having multiple storeys while some boasting of glass-paneled windows and doors. Then there are those fragile-looking bamboo-made houseboats which can wobble precariously and often scarily but the boatmen are so skilled in their jobs that before long your nerves are all settled and you find yourself enjoying the cool whiff of the breeze and the occasional sights & sounds of song birds.


With Maldives tour packages, you can check out the best resorts of the archipelago island. Maldives makes you feel totally cut off from the world since its tiny islands mostly have limited number of accommodations. So, a lot of privacy and personal space are guaranteed to every visitor. Do not expect a loud lifestyle at this island. It is primarily for those who are looking for a do-not-disturb time with nature.


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