7 Things You Must do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is an interesting holiday gateway stuffed with sightseeing attractions and full of liveliness, fun and joie de vivre. There are plenty of things one can do in this lively city, but here are 7 must-do things for every first-time visitor:

Shop till you drop: Just like Thailand or Singapore, Malaysia too is known for its great markets and malls. For a shopaholic, Kuala Lumpur is a drop-dead beautiful destination. The best area for shopping is Jalan Petaling Street which often draws comparisons with Singapore’s Chinatown. One of the best things is that you can pick up any electronic or clothing at a very yummy price. But it is advisable to haggle a bit. So, don’t forget to bargain. Make your wife take the centre stage during such occasions. Wives are, by general consent, much more dominant when it comes to bargaining skills.


Filling your tummy: Once you have filled your shopping bag, you should also put something inside your tummy. The cuisines out here will spoil you with choices and their deliciousness will leave a sweet taste in your tongue. Indian and Chinese cuisines are also very popular apart from the local ones.

Explore the museums: Kuala Lumpur packages also give you a great view of the museums. Places like the National Museum and the National Art Gallery offer tourists with an eclectic range of exhibits ranging from cultural interest to historical artifacts to famous paintings & portraits.


Look down from the Petronas Towers: The Petronas twin Tower is the most popular landmark in the city and a must-visit locale. Just climb up this gigantic tower (which is one of the tallest landmarks in the world) and get goose bumps as you look down. Your Kuala Lumpur holidays won’t be complete without a trip to this corner.


Get close to our feathery friends: Kuala Lumpur tour packages also give you a personal rendezvous with the macaws, storks, Hornbills and hundreds of other birds at the famed Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Every traveler should make sure to visit this famous bird park.

Touring the temples: The city is also home to a myriad number of sedate temples like the Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple and the Thean Hou Temple. Do take out time to pay them a visit!


Visiting the KL Tower: The KL Tower is number 5 on the list of tallest landmarks in the world. It is another impressive tower which enthralls you with its jaw-dropping view.


Apart from these, there are ample other attractions to keep you hooked and busy throughout your holiday.

Hong Kong Disneyland – A Magic Land

Feeling tired, weary and old? What better way to rejuvenate your mind and soul than a trip to Disneyland? One of Disneyland’s newest locations is Hong Kong and this trip is definitely worth spending your money on.


Disneyland promises to deliver a magical experience with your favorite fairy tales coming to life. Whether you come with friends, family or your better half you can be sure you’ll go back with some wonderful memories. The theme park is divided into five sections, ToystoryLand, FantasyLand, TomorrowLand, AdventureLand, and Main Street U.S.A.


There are different types of passes to suit your needs. The writer would advise you to buy the 2 day pass priced. For children (below 12) and senior citizens, these are available at slightly concessional rates. HKDL has a lot of special events that happen throughout the year so try to book your passes around one of those events.


The first thing that you see when you enter the theme park is Main Street U.S.A. This section with its antique taxicabs, City Hall, and dim buildings, transports you back to the U.S.A of the early 20th century. Take a stroll around the quaint streets or travel in old fashioned vehicles. You can participate in one of the lively day parades or come back at night to watch some exciting fireworks.


If you feel like seeking some thrill and adventure, go on over to AdventureLand. Originally conceived by Walt Disney 50 years ago, it has been entirely revamped for the 21st century. Hippos, cobras, elephants and orangutans are waiting for you to begin your tropical journey. While here, don’t forget to watch a colorful pageant of music and dance in the live musical based on ‘The Lion King’. Visit Tarzan’s Island and get transported into the pages of this classic tale.

City Trams in Hong Kong

City Trams in Hong Kong

Fantasyland is where some of Disney’s most popular characters come to life. Shake a leg with Mickey Mouse, play Alice’s game of the mad tea cups, fly on Aladdin’s magical carpet or take some pictures with Minnie, Goofy or Pluto.

Next is Tomorrowland, where you can catch a glimpse of the future. Discover the thrill of space exploration as you ride through the indoor rollercoaster ride, battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear and interact with Lilo and Stitch.

I’m sure you won’t want your day to end but you can round it off by visiting the special section designed on the Toy Story movies.

Do make sure you pick up some souvenirs and sample some of the delicious Chinese and Asian cuisine at some of Disney’s restaurants. Each section has restaurants that offer both snacks and fully fledged meals centered on the theme. The Riverside Cafe at Adventureland offers some great Portuguese and is definitely worth trying. You can stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel or the Hollywood hotel and come back the next day to watch some Broadway style live musicals.

This is the place where you can believe that miracles and fairytales exist. Disney has been sprinkling its glittery fairy dust over many generations and manages to bring that little child in you to life. Not something you can miss.