A Refreshing Trip to Mukurthi National Park

Ooty or Ooctacamund is a little paradise nestled within the Indian territories. It is blessed with the wonderful creatures of Mother Nature, providing shelter and care to thousands of life creatures. If you ever want to explore the deep rooted treasures of Ooty then book Ooty sightseeing packages for a hassle-free trip. World-wide renowned Mukurthi National Park is housed just off the western coast of this magnificent hill station. This immaculate park is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The park showcases a wonderful amalgamation of shrub lands and montane grasslands. It is sprinkled with sholas at high altitude areas with heavy rainfall, strong winds, and freezing temperature. This marvelous park is a home of myriad hues of flora and fauna including the endangered species. Some of the species of plants cannot be found in any part of the planet except for this park. It houses over two-hundred species of grasslands. Nature lovers love to explore this park as they get to find at least one different species of exotic plants in even the remotest corner of the park. It has been the home of various species of fauna over the centuries including saleas, wild dogs, tigers, langur, rhododendrons, and impatiens. In fact this park has the highest density of impatiens in the entire planet. Now, this park nests exclusive endangered species of fauna including Asian elephant and tiger. However, the Niligiri tahr, which is a mammal, still dominates Mukurthi. Even adventure freaks can find something good to do in this little park. Trekking, rock climbing, camping, and cave exploration are some of the fun activities that one can try out here.

Elephant Feeding Camp


The recent studies of the park has shown that it needs restoration to protect the endangered species, and for a healthy breeding of the same. Let not this study prevent you from booking Ooty holiday packages to dig out this tranquil park.

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