Dolphin-watching in Goa: Is it worth it?

If you are confronted with the possibility of an expedition which will take you in the midst of the sea amongst the school of dolphins which you can watch and photograph, a la the Nat Geo experts, you are bound to feel that orgasm of super-thrill. One of the top activities in Goa is to head for dolphin-watching since the Arabian Sea has them in good numbers and the ferry-managers are always eager to take you in their midst.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach

In fact, if you happen to take a jog on the beaches of Goa in the morning, you are quite likely to be approached by ferry-wallahs who will offer you a ‘dolphin trip’. The cost can be high and they can be pushy. So, you should not fail to bargain. To be honest, they will always try to tempt you and promise you a good show, though some people are actually left disappointed towards the end.

PLaying with Dolphins in Goa

It’s not that dolphins are not sighted. But they usually make a brisk appearance and for a couple of seconds before dipping back into the oceanic depths again. Most people only get to see the fins but if you are fortunate, you may get a brief view of their snouts. It is very unlikely that you will witness the aerial leap of the grand dolphins the way they show in adventure movies, but then you may have bright stars.

Dolphin photography

Dolphin photography

Dolphin-photography can be tricky as their transient appearance leaves you with very little time to zoom in your camera, focus and take a great shot. So, you must stay prepared with your camera fully on and senses fully alert.


At the end of the day, it is still an once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely worth it, though not totally. The experience shall differ from person to person. The best time to check out the dolphins is early during the day at around 6 am- 11 am when you have a bright chance of sighting quite a few of them. Palolem Beach is one of the best places where you can go for dolphin trips. The rates are not fixed but they usually ask for somewhere between Rs 1000-1500. Try haggling and ask for a boat on a share-basis if you are travelling solo or are few in numbers.

With Goa holiday packages, a rendezvous with the dolphins in the wild is a cherish-worthy experience.


5 luxury hotels in Goa where you can experience ‘jannat’

Goa has some high-class hotels which can bring out that best sigh from your lips. Of course, their tariffs can make you pee in your pant. But the trick is to either look for discounts under Goa packages or to plan your trip during the rainy months (June-September) when the tourist count is low and the hotel rates plunge.

Anyway, you decide how you will manage your finance. We will, meanwhile, take you along on a very brief virtual stroll at 5 of Goa’s most luxurious hotels:

Taj Vivanta Holiday Village: This hotel’s biggest USP is that it enjoys a good location in north Goa. Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach are less than 30 minutes away. The hotel has a pool and a bar and is considered ideal for family holidays. Price pinch will be around $175-250 (depending on the season).


The Leela Kempinski: Nestled around a private beach, this resort in south Goa offers you a golf course, swimming pool, casino, spa and some exciting water sports. With fascinating views and services, the Leela Kempinski is just ‘wow. But you must be ready to shell out anything between $200 and $330.

The Leela Kempinski

Taj Exotica: It is quite similar to The Leela Kempinski in terms of facilities, services and tariffs. It is situated in South Goa as well, perched around the Varca Beach, a favorite corner of the quintessential recluse. Pool, spa, nightlife and golf course are what you get to feast on. Tariffs will hover between $220 and $330.


Park Hyatt Resort and Spa: If you wish to prioritize the ‘spa’ factor, then this resort is the one to head to. Situated over South Goa’s Arossim Beach, Park Hyatt is another luxurious property with a great spa, pool, beach sports and other expected facilities. The rates will be somewhere in the region of $200-250. But you can extract some discounts with cheap Goa packages.

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

The Intercontinental, Lalit: At Patnem Beach, it is cut off from North Goa completely and may not have the best location. But for someone looking for isolation, a quiet holiday, the delights of spa, pool, casino and golf, and to admire a Portuguese architecture, this one is perfect. It is also tariff-friendly at $180.

The Intercontinental-Lalit

How to reach Goa from Delhi: Daily flights are available, but you can also catch a train if you don’t mind the hassles of IRCTC.

An Overwhelming Sunset Cruise on Mandovi River

The tantalizing city-state of Goa is a tourists’ magnet. The top places to visit in Goa include the charming Old Goa, the seducing white sandy beaches with the lustrous blue waters, famous historical churches, and many more. This little haven is known for its glamorous nightlife that begins at dusk only to end at early morning hours of the next day. It is also famed for its cruises that takes the tourists along the city’s rivers and offers a mesmerizing romantic ambience for couples. The most famed cruise is the Mandovi River cruise that offers three different cruise rides for different hours of a day. It includes the daytime cruise, sunset cruise, and moonlit cruise.

Sunset Cruise on Mandovi River

If you want to spend the night alone with your partner, then a sunset cruise would be an idyllic option for you. The impressive sunset cruise runs daily from Panaji jetty. Nothing else spells romantic than holding your partner under the star-studded sky and moonlit night on a breezing cruise. Get a chance to dance with your partner amidst the calm waters of the Mandovi River, while being entertained by live music that is played by the musicians on the cruise. Indulge in the delicious flavors of mocktails and cocktails, and curb your hunger with spreads of lip-smacking Goan delicacies. Cruising along the Mandovi River at sunset has been a favorite past time for honeymooners. Folk dances are also organized on occasions on the cruise for the entertainment of guests. The little haven of Goa sparkles under the moonlit sky, and to be able to see such a view from a distance is simply overwhelming.

Goan Folk Dance

A little guidance from the Goa tourism guide will enable you to explore the best of Goa with little wastage of time and money. So, the next time you visit Goa, make sure that enjoy a romantic sunset cruise on the picturesque Mandovi River.

Early Morning Activities in Gorgeous Goa

Housed magnificently on the western coast of India is a stunning city-state that goes by the name of Goa. The pristine sandy beaches, bewitching locales, and breathtaking natural splendor attract thousands of tourists to this mystical haven. The Goa tourism guide or information enables tourists to pen down a list of attractions that are worth exploring, and also clear out any query a tourist may have regarding this little haven. Goa offers a herd of fun activities that a tourist must try, some of which are worth checking out at early mornings. These early morning activities include:

Watching Sunrise: If you want to treat your eyes with a stunning, magical view, than head over to the town of Siolim in North Goa. Stand on the bridge over the River Chapora, and bear witness to a jaw-dropping site of sun rise. The red-orange color that flickers through the horizon marks the rising of the sun, and the magic behind the rising of the sun can only be felt in Goa.

Sunrise Keri Beach Goa

Swimming:  An ideal way to start your morning in the magical Goa is by taking a plunge in one of the enticing beaches.  The most popular beach, that is, the Baga Beach in North Goa quickly gets covered with cheerful swimmers and kids. So better head off early to take an uninterrupted long dip in the refreshing waters of the sandy beach.

Swimming in Goa

Fishing: Fishing in Goa is another popular morning activity. An early morning fishing trip to the seas is an ideal time to catch large delicious fishes. Many local tour operators organize fishing expeditions at different time of the day in the city.

Fishing in Goa

Bird Watching: Goa is a natural habitat for many species of birds. Spend your early morning hours beside one of the Goan Rivers, and bear witness to varied unusual species of eye-catching birds.  For sea birds head over to the Morjim beach.

Grab cheap tour packages to Goa today, and pamper yourself by performing some of the most exciting early morning activities.

Top 5 Activities To Do In Goa For Honeymoon

The bewitching city-state of Goa lures thousands of tourists every year to explore its pristine sandy beaches, breathtaking natural splendor, and splendid archaeological brilliance. The seductive locales of this haven offer an idyllic romantic ambience, privacy and seclusion to the newlyweds. Hence, they book exciting honeymoon packages in Goa to explore its natural beauty and beauty of their partners. The top 5 activities for honeymooners to do in Goa are:

Walking tour of Goa: Holding your partner’s hand, take a stroll along the quiet villages, and embrace the calmness and subtlety of your surroundings. Bear witness to the Portuguese-styled houses, old churches and Victorian- fashioned buildings in Panaji, explore the Portuguese cathedrals and chapels, and archaic beauty of the Hindu temples in Ponda.

Walking tour of Goa

Latin Quarter of Fontainhas: Nestled near the Panjim city is the centuries old neighborhood of Fonhainhas that is the home to The Mitaroy. It is the home of the last surviving Portuguese families of Goa, and is labeled as a UNESCO Heritage Zone. Romance flickers in the narrow streets and houses of the Fontainhas, and shop at the designer Portuguese boutiques.

Cruise on the Mondovi River: Cruising along the Mondovi River is another romantic way to spend your honeymoon. Dance and sing with your partner along with the musicians on the cruise, and indulge in the flavors of scrumptious Goan delicacies. A good Goa tourism guide will enable you to choose between the sunset, sun-down and moonlit cruise.

Cruise on the Mondovi River Goa

Walk on the Beach: Taking a stroll on the seductive beaches, hand-in-hand with your partner is the most idyllic way to romance. The white sand and rustling sound of the lustrous waves ignites the romantic quotient of a newlywed.

Walking on Beach - Goa honeymoon

Explore Goa’s Wildlife: If you are adventurous and an animal-lover, then head over to the city’s wildlife sanctuaries. The Cotigao wildlife sanctuary in Canacona, Bondla zoo and Mollem wildlife sanctuary offers a great wildlife excursion and the facilities of accommodation as well.

Book honeymoon packages in Goa today if you want to have an uninterrupted romantic trip with your partner.

Visiting Goa In Winter Holidays For Kids: Best Way To Make Your Child Happy

Now that winter is not much far away, we thought it would be great to plan a holiday for you. If you haven’t been to Goa yet, then there is no better place than this state to spend your holiday. Your kids will be raring to go somewhere the moment their winter vacations begin. And Goa does have some amazing places and attractions to keep them completely satisfied (and the kids of today are not easy to satisfy, mind it).

There are several things to do in Goa for kids. The beaches are all awesome and offer a truck load of fun. Your children can run about, splash water, play football, build sand castles or enjoy sports like banana boating, speed boating, parasailing, wind surfing and the likes. Though Goa also offers snorkeling and scuba diving and a myriad other sports, if your kid is too small, then he or she may not be allowed to try some of them.


But, the kids of today love those malls which have swanky parlors and indoor gaming arenas. You can do bowling in Goa; you can even take part in some dancing sessions or you can go go-karting in south Goa.

Wildlife is another option which you can happily explore. Children never get tired of animals. And Goa has 4-5 wildlife sanctuaries including Salim Ali Bird Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.


There are forts where your children will feel so liberated (like a runaway pirate who has spotted some hidden treasure) and there are markets which your child would love if it is a female (age doesn’t matter).

However, winter season is the most sought-after time to visit Goa. So, you must make all your bookings in advance. Be ready to shell out extra tariffs. However, special holiday packages should offer some reprieve.

The Best Parties In Goa: From Palolem Beach to Tito’s

Goa is a place for a party animal. So, if you are a reserved kind of a person who stays miles away from parties, then a Goa trip is going to change all that. You will surely revel in your new avatar since the parties which are staged in this state are quite unique and unworldly.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Take for instance the ‘Silent Noise Party’ (SNP) which is held on beaches like the Palolem. Palolem Beach is a small and relatively unpopular beach. It is rocky albeit a swimming-friendly beach. Its biggest USP is this SNP which is a unique concept that also brings down noise pollution.

When you leaf through your Goa tourism guide, you shall find that Vagator Beach is peeping out of the page, wheedling you to step foot on its soil where some weird and fun-filled parties are regularly held. This beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa. Its crowd is a nice mix of Indians and Europeans. So, you get to have that unique feel in this corner. Partying on this beach would be akin to gelling with different cultures and shaking your leg with an alien one.


If you are seeking clubs and pubs, then Goa has more to offer than you can chew. There is this Club Fresh at Candolim. This club has notched up several awards for its unique ambience and electrifying atmosphere. With firemen exhibiting their skills and a heady dance floor ready for your foot-tapping moments, this club is a place you don’t want to miss.

The Tito’s at Baga is another club whose popularity is matched by none. It is a traditional favorite and chances are that even your parents must have serenaded at this place during their honeymooning days.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Tourism in Goa is at an all-time high. Its nightlife is fabulous and the state knows how to keep party bums like you satisfied.