5 affordable ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts can be expensive and the ones in Switzerland are some of the best in the world. No wonder, they can make you pay. But those who have less money or less willingness to spend money need not go back disappointed. There are affordable ones as well though it is better to narrow down the best ones before you start your Swiss tour.

La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz

We understand your requirements and your unwillingness to do all the hard work. So, here we have buried our head over tons of pages and have scooped up five ski resorts which are affordable and, hence, recommended for you:



  1. La Tzoumaz: This resort is situated in the same region as Verbier, the top-class ski resort and one which you must visit if you have got money. But those who cannot afford to stay put at Verbier, La Tzoumaz is a cheaper alternative. It is certainly budget-friendly and is also free from the clutter which can make you sick during peak season at resorts like Verbier. The tracks are equally enthralling. Just don’t expect the kind of luxury you can get at Verbier and you’ll be fully contended.
  2. Andermatt: Andermatt is one of the most underrated ski resorts in the world. It is a pity that it hasn’t got its due, despite the fact that it shares its neighborhood with biggies like Verbier and Zermatt. You can get away with a weekly expenditure of just 165 pounds. Didn’t we say it is dirt cheap?
  3. Grindelwald: It is not the cheapest ski resort by any means, but it is one for the budget tourists. Plus, if you can book Europe packages from India, you can expect to cash in on good discount.
  4. Arosa: Arosa has a nice landscape to offer and an equally delightful food to serve its guests. It is a ski resort which is mostly visited by families. A nice ambiance awaits you there at very decent rates.
  5. Davos: Davos is a strange resort since here you will find tourists of both clans- the wealthiest as well as extremely budget-conscious. For an inexpensive Swiss honeymoon tour, you may find this one appealing if you tread about cautiously.



From Keswick to Windermere

One of the towns in Cumbria that provides access to the fells is Keswick. The town was originally famous for the production of graphite pencils but has recently bid adieu to the industry that lasted three centuries. While serving as one of the launching pad for the lakes of Cumbria, the town is also renowned for hosting a Christian gathering, a film festival, a beer festival and a jazz festival. The Cockermouth, Keswick and Penrith railway was in operation from 1864 to 1972. A new company bearing the initials of the erstwhile company has been attempting to reopen the line, initially between Keswick and Penrith. Keswick is 17 miles to the west of Penrith. The business has been structured as a public limited company and has raised funds from the public for the purpose. In the future, proposals of the company are to extend the line to Workington and Appleby.

Parts of the A66 are built on the rail line that ran from Workington to Keswick but which was wound down in 1966, earlier than the stoppage of the link to Penrith. CKP Plc expects the link to renew business interest in the region.Penrith is situated on the West Coast line which can act as a connecting point for travellers from the south. The extension of the line to Keswick is expected to be utilised by nearly half a million travellers to the lakes of Cumbria. Boutique Hotels Windermere and the hospitality industry are not the only expected beneficiaries from the reopening. The economy in Keswick is expected to benefit from the increased traffic and the creation of jobs. One of the biggest benefits is estimated to be made through savings of fuel as car travel stands to be reduced.


Traffic will be a corollary beneficiary of the line according to the planners. Many stone and metal bridges are in good condition which is a boost to the proposal. The population of Keswick is just under 5000 while that of Penrith is upwards of 15,000. The population of Cockermouth is between that of Keswick and Penrith. The rivers Crocker and Derwent join together at Cockermouth. The distance between Cockermouth and Penrith is 30 miles. From Cockermouth, travellers can access the lakes of Crummock Water, Loweswater and Bassenthwaite.

From Keswick, the A591 can be taken to connect to Kendal via Windermere. The drive from Keswick to Windermere is a very popular stretch. Derwentwaterlake is approachable by walk from Keswick. Another attraction in Keswick is the Castlerigg Stone Circle which is five thousand years old. Travellers can tour the local brewery by booking tickets online. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are not currently available for the rest of 2014. The available tour tickets are those for the remaining days of the week. Derwentwater has many activities for visitors from mountain bike trails and a tour of a slate mine. A boating service provides a 50-minute ride on the lake while tourists can get down in between and climb on board later.

5 luxury hotels in Goa where you can experience ‘jannat’

Goa has some high-class hotels which can bring out that best sigh from your lips. Of course, their tariffs can make you pee in your pant. But the trick is to either look for discounts under Goa packages or to plan your trip during the rainy months (June-September) when the tourist count is low and the hotel rates plunge.

Anyway, you decide how you will manage your finance. We will, meanwhile, take you along on a very brief virtual stroll at 5 of Goa’s most luxurious hotels:

Taj Vivanta Holiday Village: This hotel’s biggest USP is that it enjoys a good location in north Goa. Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach are less than 30 minutes away. The hotel has a pool and a bar and is considered ideal for family holidays. Price pinch will be around $175-250 (depending on the season).


The Leela Kempinski: Nestled around a private beach, this resort in south Goa offers you a golf course, swimming pool, casino, spa and some exciting water sports. With fascinating views and services, the Leela Kempinski is just ‘wow. But you must be ready to shell out anything between $200 and $330.

The Leela Kempinski

Taj Exotica: It is quite similar to The Leela Kempinski in terms of facilities, services and tariffs. It is situated in South Goa as well, perched around the Varca Beach, a favorite corner of the quintessential recluse. Pool, spa, nightlife and golf course are what you get to feast on. Tariffs will hover between $220 and $330.


Park Hyatt Resort and Spa: If you wish to prioritize the ‘spa’ factor, then this resort is the one to head to. Situated over South Goa’s Arossim Beach, Park Hyatt is another luxurious property with a great spa, pool, beach sports and other expected facilities. The rates will be somewhere in the region of $200-250. But you can extract some discounts with cheap Goa packages.

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

The Intercontinental, Lalit: At Patnem Beach, it is cut off from North Goa completely and may not have the best location. But for someone looking for isolation, a quiet holiday, the delights of spa, pool, casino and golf, and to admire a Portuguese architecture, this one is perfect. It is also tariff-friendly at $180.

The Intercontinental-Lalit

How to reach Goa from Delhi: Daily flights are available, but you can also catch a train if you don’t mind the hassles of IRCTC.