Light and Sound Show in Udaipur’s City Palace

Udaipur is amongst the best honeymoon and historic destinations in India. Nestled in the state of Rajasthan, this city is called the ‘City of Lakes and Palaces’. The combination of natural lakes and manmade palaces make this destination a one-of-a-kind one. City Palace is easily amongst the finest places to visit Udaipur and its ‘Light and Sound Show’ is one of its major highlights.

For exploring the palace, you need to visit the tourist attraction during the daytime. But you have got to come back later in the evening for getting forlorn in the history of this place through the words of Pandit Narendra Mishra, the official poet who has penned the script of ‘Yash Ki Dharohar’ which is narrated during this show.

light and sound show udaipur

The one-hour episode is a rundown on the Mewar dynasty and paints a vivid imagery of the rise of Udaipur. The story travels back in time and takes the viewers onto a poignant journey spanning over a period of 1500 years. Expect to get smitten by the wealth of historic information, also expect a lump or two in the throat! The rendition is beautiful and the words are powerful.

Timings: The Hindi shows are held between 8-9 pm (May to August). The English narrations are beamed from 7-8 pm (September-March) and from 7:30-8:30 pm (April).

Ticket price: The tickets are priced between Rs 100-200, depending on the location of the seat. The ground seats are cheaper while those on elevated platforms are pricier. Children can get away with tickets costing Rs 50-75. The tickets are available at the ticket counter at City Palace.


During your Rajasthan tour, in case you happen to drop by Jaipur, you can also catch up with the ‘Light and Sound’ show held every evening at Amber Fort. This is one of those shows which will make you fall in love with history, even if you have loathed it all your life. The baritone voice of Amitabh Bachchan is spellbinding and the script is full of such impactful words and lucidity that you will be in a daze by the time the show ends. The ticket price is Rs 100 for the Hindi show and Rs 200 for the English one. We would suggest that you watch the Hindi show if you understand the language.

Under the best Jaipur packages, you can also do plenty of sightseeing and check out spots like Chowki Dhani, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Hawa Mahal.


Playing Polo in the Pink City – Jaipur

Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the most impressive states in India. The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is famously called as the ‘Pink City’. The royalty of Jaipur can be felt in the hearts of the locals that are friendly enough to offer you any assistance you may require. Jaipur tourism guide provides with a list of picturesque Jaipur tourism places that one should visit while vacationing in the royal city. Apart from the forts, palaces, and lip-smacking delicacies the enchanting city is famous for one more thing. It is the city’s most royal inheritance – the game of Polo. Jaipur is the royal home of Indian Polo.

polo in Jaipur

The splendid game of Polo has been in play since the medieval times. It has always been a favorite past-time of the Maharajas, and is still played with utmost pleasure and happiness. Polo in this city is played riding over on animals and vehicles including horses, elephants, cycle or bike or bicycle, camel. This exclusive game has acknowledged appreciation and publicity from foreign countries as well.

Polo Jaipur

Horse Polo is not an easy game as special bred horses are necessitated for such an intense game. These horses are bred either by the players or their sponsors. An invitation to play in the game is required to be requested for in advance if a tourist wishes to be a part of the game.

Camel Polo is usually played in a friendly spirit during the festivals, and it is only in Rajasthan where Camel Polo is played.

Camel Polo Jaipur

A treat to watch is the Elephant Polo wherein the adorned elephants run in pursuit of the ball in an elephantine fashion. These friendly creatures are used for polo matches usually on special occasions, and by the Royal Kings. A tourist can even send out a request either to play or watch a game of Cycle Polo that is played in a friendly spirit in the city.

The guide also clicks pictures of their guests dressed in traditional attires, and hands them over these Jaipur tourism photos at the end of their stay as a token of appreciation.

Jaipur’s Daal Baati Choorma: The Must-Eat Specialty Dish Of Rajasthan

Jaipur and the entire Rajasthan should be credited for keeping some of the traditional Indian dishes still alive (and kicking)! You and your posh kids may have gotten used to licking off the extra cheese toppings from the pizzas in your metro city. But when you are holidaying in Rajasthan, then just make sure to give your taste buds the pleasure of some saccharine dishes which are not merely delicious but are chastely Indian!

One of the most notable dishes which is also the postcard meal of tourism in Jaipur (albeit unofficially) is the daal baati choorma. It is an extremely sweet dish, one which is going to make your eyes dance in glee and one which is going to send your calorie control stats out for a toss.

daal baati choorma

There are different varieties of this dish (with small subtle differences) but basically it is a sugary wheat product stuffed with ghee and served with hot daal. It is a dish which will satisfy the urges and needs of your bellies completely. So don’t take it lightly since it is a heavy meal which you can order for your breakfast, lunch or dinner.

daal baati choorma 1

There are many eateries and restaurants where you can find this dish. Since Daal baati choorma is the specialty of the state, almost every major restaurant will be able to serve you with it. Still, you should try the LMB which is one of the most notable eateries in Jaipur. It is located at Johri Bazaar which is one of the favorite haunts of a shopper and is quite close to the popular landmark of Hawa Mahal. Some other eateries where you can find delicious daal baati choorma are Santosh, Shri Shankar, Thali House and Tilam Sangh.

Alternatively, you can flip through a Jaipur tourism guide and find out the names of the restaurants situated near your hotels. It is unlikely that any of them won’t be serving you this specialty dish.

Places off the Tourist Trail in Jaipur

Jaipur, one of the three angles of the famous Golden triangle tour India, is known as the City of Palaces and the City of Royals. Certainly, the gorgeous palaces built centuries back, still stand as the pride of India and the Rajputs. The architecture patterns, the majestic interior décor, royal furniture and belongings of the royals make Jaipiur a must visit spot in India. But Jaipur tourism is not all limited to gorgeous palaces and monuments.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

One can make a trip to the glamorous capital of Rajasthan in an off-beat way. There are some places to visit in Jaipur that are seldom included in normal Jaipur packages. These places might not be as glamorous as the palaces but these are spots where you can get to know the real Jaipur. Chokhi Dhani is one such spot where Jaipur introduces visitors to its rural traditions, culture and music.

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One can get a glimpse of village life in Jaipur here and experience traditional singing and dancing by the local people. Puppet show, acrobatic performances and short fortune telling sessions with astrologers are attractions of Chokhi Dhani. Situated right in the center of Jaipur, Zohari Bazar is another very exciting off-beat spot in Jaipiur, especially for the gastronomists.  Small eateries on both sides of the road offer varieties of mouthwatering snacks like chaat, pakories, and fried, salted and spiced items.

There are also few shops from where one can buy traditional clothes and jewelries.  Just 20 kilomters away from Jaipur is the Galta Monkey Temple, where friendly monkeys take the onus of amusing and entertaining visitors. For people having a curiosity towards art and craft, the Anokhi Musuem of hand printing is really a unique place to visit in Jaipur.

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The museum is based on a 400-year old haveli where exquisite specimens of traditional Rajasthani block printing and hand printing works are on display. Sanganer in Lakshmi Colony is another exciting spot since it houses the blue pottery factory. The blue pottery is an icon of Rajasthani handicraft and the factory offers a grand scope to witness the manufacturing of items.