Maldivian Music band and Culture

Maldives, for its round-the-year sunshine and a happy bunch of exotic beach resorts, is leading the list of international honeymoon packages these days. No one can deny the quintessence charm of this island which has leapfrogged some of the traditional favorites like Mauritius. While its lovely luxurious resorts do allow you to get the pleasure of sin, it is also a place where you can take a peep into the culture and get immensely enriched. Your luxury Maldives tour will certainly give you your share of opportunity to sink into the local folk music and modern music.


Maldives is an Islamic region but its culture borrows heavily from Sri Lanka and south India. Hence, the blend of Islamic culture and South Indian culture is there to be seen in almost every aspect of life and art. The music itself is a revelation. One of the most popular forms of music is Boduberu. Its origin can be traced back to as early as the 11th century. Yet, over the years, one must say, it has gone through its fair bit of changes. It is primarily performed by 15 people and involves a lazy start which soon gives way to a heart-racing beat.

Bandiyaa jehun

Then there is the Thaara. This form of music is believed to have an Arabic origin. Hence, you can see that the traditional music forms of Maldives have that cosmopolitan flavor. Add to that the fact that each of them have got influenced by the local culture and have truly developed over the centuries into something unique and indigenous.


There is another great dance form which will remind you instantly of the rustic India. Known as Bandiyaa jehun, this form of dance involves women who waltz happily wearing metallic rings and to the delicious tune of metallic water pots. While it is medieval at its root, the modernists have done their bit to add some current flavors. So, you will find a dash of harmonica and drums here and there.


Luxury Maldives tour is getting more and more popular. There is so much to see and observe in this part of the world. Clearly, these innovative international honeymoon packages are no longer just about underwater restaurants and tropical beaches. There is a new cultural vista waiting to wrap you in its arms.


Chilling At Banana Reef: Dive Under The Ocean To Flirt With Corals And Sharks

Banana Reef has become a global tourist spot and has fallen under the spotlight in the last few years. It is a marine site which is a paradise for the divers and the snorkelers. Maldives, as an island, offers plenty of aqua adventures to the tourists. It is said that if you haven’t gone under the water, then you never actually went to Maldives. The eclectic variety of fishes and marine organisms which linger underneath the surface is one of the reasons why Maldives packages from India are selling at top speed.

Sunset in the Maldives

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India, as a country, had an introvert personality. But with the turn of the century, urbanization has kicked in and the general mindset has changed. Now, the youths and honeymooners are game for extreme sports like parasailing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Maldives is a hot spot destination for trying out all these sports with complete safety and guidance.

Coming back to Banana Reef, it is a protected area which is intensely popular amongst tourists owing to its rocky cliffs and promontories and limpid blue water. The region is also swarmed by fishes of all kinds including the sharks and the groper.

Blue Hole Lighthouse Reef Belize

Banana Reef is situated off North Male Atoll and is easily reachable with the aid of a Maldives tourism guide.

Diving sites are salubrious for diving throughout the year and the depth varies between 5 m and 30 m. You do not need any major experience to go diving at this site. It is a safe snorkeling and diving site at Maldives and also offers you corals, reefs and caves.

So, if you needed another reason why to head to Maldives, then just go through the Google album and find out how people chill at this site.

To tempt you more, let us inform you that once you go diving at Banana Reef, you would get a good personal knowledge of what guys like Scorpion Head, Gray Reef Shark, Napoleon Wrasse and Barracuda look like!

7 Reasons Why You Should Holiday In Maafushi

Maafushi is a beautiful island which is around half-an-hour away from Capital Male in Maldives. It is slightly isolated from the rest of the world and presents before you a unique vignette of life and nature.


There are several reasons why you should holiday in Maafushi. Here are the best ones:

To be with nature: When you are in Maafushi, you will be with nature and almost only with nature. The facilities at this island are complete but there is this aura of seclusion which makes you gel with nature at your most virgin self.

To travel in a budget: Maafushi is quite cheap as compared to the expensive resorts of Maldives. So, you have a very good financial motivation to holiday at this place.

Filitheyo bar

To get the best deal: Maldives holiday packages which include Maafushi are extremely cost-effective and give you the highest value for your money. So if you are looking to get the best out of your savings, then this island should be on the top of your list.

To experience romance: Maafushi can be dubbed as a honeymoon paradise even though it is not as famous as it deserves to be. It is the isolation and the chaste natural beauty which makes its sunsets and sea-waves extremely romantic.

To snorkel: If you want to snorkel, then this island will be a very good place. Its location is ideal for going under the water. Even the rates for water sports are very nominal in this corner of the country.


To swim with dolphins: There are scores of dolphins that often pop out their heads on the waters of Maafushi. The crystalline beaches and the panoramic milieu offer the best spots for catching sight of these beautiful beasts. You can also swim alongside them.

To witness the real Maldives: Many believe that the real authentic Maldives exists in this part of the nation. The food, the culture and the hospitality will really enamor you completely. Cheap Maldives packages from India to this part of the world shouldn’t be so cheap after all. But then, life often comes up with happy surprises when we are least expecting them.

Maldives honeymoon for vegetarian couple: Make love amidst leaves

Who said that vegetarians cannot survive in Maldives? Yes, it is true that the fish is the top dish on any menu, but there are plenty of vegetarian dishes as well! Besides, the island is a heavily frequented destination. There are many tourists (some even from western continents) who follow a leafy diet! So, most restaurants and hotels have something which is not meat and bone!

If you are a honeymooning couple, then you can check out some local restaurants where you can find dishes of your kind. The curry is one delicious thing which is meant for an herbivore and is definitely a must-have! Besides, most restaurant owners are amiable and compliant to the customer’s requests! If you insist on something of your custom choice, they may prepare it for you! Even at your hotel, the staffs will be ready with their services.


Maldives honeymoon packages usually put you in luxurious resorts where the restaurants do have good vegetarian dishes.

In case you are looking for an Indian restaurant, then the one that is very popular is Symphony! It is situated in the capital Male and has a number of vegetarian Indian dishes. Plus, its prices are reasonable and the décor is quite soothing. It stays open from 11 am till midnight on each day, excepting Friday (6 pm- midnight).

If you scour the internet, then you will find how the vegetarian tourists have happily approved of the cuisines available for them. I recently read an article where I learnt that a purely veg person has toured the country seven times and had nothing to complain about.


Of course, if you don’t eat seafood, then you do miss out on something really good! Maldives’ cuisines are definitely dominated by fishes, crabs and prawns. But that does not mean that leaves don’t grow in that region. So, herbivore or carnivore, you can put up a smile and start going through those yummy Maldives tour packages. Now, show me some excitement!

The mouthwatering side of Maldives: Local dishes to try while you’re there

Maldives, the picturesque island nation floating on the turquoise Indian Ocean is one of the biggest crowd pullers in Asia, in terms of tourists. Thousands of travelers throng Maldives from all parts of the world for enjoying a charming vacation on the lap of Mother Nature, where absolute serenity mesmerizes one’s soul. But breathtaking scenic beauty is not the only thing that Maldives attracts people for. What adds to the flavor of Maldives packages for visitors is the local cuisine. Mouthwatering delicacies of different varieties make lunch, dinner and breakfast exciting for the gastronomists. If you a food lover and take interest in tasting traditional preparations of places that you visit, then opt for a Maldives package that offer scope of having food at restaurants of your choice.

There are diverse varieties of traditional Maldivian dishes that will excite your taste buds, but if a short trip doesn’t all to taste all, try at least Kulhi Boakibaa, Gulha, Bajiyaa, Bambukeylu hiti and egg curry. Kulhi Boakibaa is a traditional fish cake and is among the most popular snacks (hedhikaa) in Maldives. Kulhi Boakibaa is prepared with tuna fish and coconut and its little spicy taste makes it a tongue tickling item. Gulha is another mouthwatering light snack. It is similar to fish balls in terms on ingredients and preparation, but the speciality of Gulha lies in its filling. A stuffing made of smoked tuna, curry leaves, onion, ginger, turmeric, chilli, salt, lemon and coconut is put inside a dough of flour and coconut. Aftyer it is stuffed, small balls are made of the dough and are deep-fried.

Male-total Sunset_in_the_Maldives
Bajiyaa is like Indian samosas. It comes in the same triangular shape but the staffing makes the difference. Instead of mixture of potatoes, lentils, pea and coriander, bajiyaa contains a stuffing of dried fish, onion, curry powder and curry leaves. You may also try chicken bajiyaa which is served fried as well as baked. Maldives cuisine is ornamented by its tongue tickling curries among which the egg curry deserves mention. The speciality of Maldivian egg curry lies in the thick, flavored sauce that excites the taste buds. Bambukeylu hiti is a breadfruit curry which becomes mouthwatering when coconut milk is added.

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Best Indian Ocean islands to holiday at: Maldives

The Indian Ocean stands the third largest in the world oceans. Embedded within these deep waters are beautiful island countries like Mauritius, Maldives, Madagascar, Seychelles and many more. These are some of the popular islands of the Indian oceans. Many of these islands have a mild temperature and pleasant climates. These destinations are true holiday spots paving way for visitors all year round.

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Maldives has an exuberant ecosystem. It is regarded as a desert island. The coral reefs are similar to the Great Barrier Reef and is truly mesmerising. Maldives is one such island where you will find many palm trees, coral reefs, turquoise lagoons andwhite sand atthe deep blue seas. The country lies just three meters above sea level, so one can find many fishes swimming a few feet away from you!The best time to visit Maldives is from November to April.

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Photo credit: Wikipedia

Maldives tourism has a wholesome package for tourists that enclose water sports, diving adventures along with lessons on diving for sea explorers, excursions, spas and resorts. The best place for honeymooners, water and nature lovers. Sun Island beaches, Banana reef, Veligandu are few famous beaches. While, Manta point and HP reef are best diving spots. Old Friday mosque and National museum stands as historical landmarks.

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The tourists are treated like royalty and with perfect hospitality. Don’t miss eating at Salsa Royal which has Italian and Thai cuisines on their menus. Incredible dining menus at Sala Thai, Seagull café, Sea House and Ithaa undersea restaurant are dining experiences of a kind. This richness of the Indian oceans can be experienced by Maldives packages, which has so much to offer.