5 attractions in Bangalore your kids will love

Bangalore, a city in South India, is a heady cocktail of gardens, monuments, restaurants, parks, malls and theatres. It is also a brilliant destination which has reserved some of the best things for your kids. So, for those family vacationers who have kids and children in plentiful, here are 5 attractions in Bangalore your kids will love:

i.    Wonder La: Wonder La is an amusement park and one of top places to visit in Bangalore. Right from the thrilling water slides to the slothful Lazy River to the adrenaline-pumping Y-Scream, this place is full of ‘wonders’.

ii.    Lumbini Gardens: Lumbini Gardens has a great ambience and it is definitely a kid-friendly place with a beautiful Wave Pool. With the famed Nagavara Lake at the backdrop, this place can be a big draw for your kids. So much so that you would have to literally drag your child back to home!

iii.    Crazy Waters: Crazy Waters is another water park where your children can have a whale of a time! There are plenty of slides and rides which involve water! Swimming costumes can be taken on rent and complete safety features are installed. So, if you want to give your child a nice time, you can bring him to this corner.

iv.    Neeladri Amusement Park: It is a potpourri of rides, amphitheatre, food and arcades. There are ice-cream vendors and eateries stacked all over the park. Overall, this place would go down well with your kid.

v.    Cubbon Park: Cubbon Park is one of the favorite places to visit in Bangalore. Though, the place is meant to regale young and old alike, the kids are especially fascinated by toy train, Doll’s Museum, amphitheatre and Bal Bhavan.

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Top 5 places to see in Pune

Pune is a city in Maharashtra in western India. It is historic, charming, beautiful, religious and blah blah blah! You must have already heard of its fame! So, without further adieu, let us just jump into the list of famous places to visit in Pune:

1. Bund Garden or Mahatma Gandhi Udyan: Situated cozily beside the Mula Mutha River, this garden is that tranquil corner where hearts can melt and romance can thrive! It is a dream place for a family hangout and a recommended corner to bring your girlfriend (or your boyfriend, depending on your preference)! You can also do boating, and even jog around in the morning in your half pants!

2. Aga Khan Palace: Aga Khan Palace has that look which you come across in children’s fairy tales! It is a structure that is a marriage between fantasy & history! In terms of looks, it is sheer delight! And the fact that Gandhi had spent time here is something that will excite any history-lover!

3. Saras Bagh: Saras Bagh is that garden where both localities & tourists flock together in the sunset-tinged evenings. Its grassy carpet is a treat to the feet. And the temple in the premise is an apt retreat for the elderly people.

4. Shaniwarwada: Built in 18th century, Shaniwarwada is a monument. It is a fortified structure and if you love to take snapshots of places, then this site is a must-visit.

5. Konark Park: Konark Park may not be as popular as the attractions aforementioned, but it is a paradise for a bird-watcher and a naturalist. The downside is that photography is prohibited. But the great thing is that at this park, even the birds with different feathers flock together.

Goa for wildlife lovers: 3 parks to visit for a close encounter with the wild

The beaches of Goa may have stolen the limelight, but this state is also a reserve of some top-class wildlife parks. If you are a wildlife lover, then here are some recommended corners for you:

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This park is counted amongst the best places to visit in Goa. The collection of animals is bound to please your eyes. There are the innocuous deer (varieties include spotted deer, barking, mouse deer) and the not-so-innocuous panthers & leopards. Tigers do not socialize much with tourists, but if you are lucky, you may just run into one. But they like to stay at a safe distance. So, do not go cuddling them! The place is also home to several happily slithering snakes especially the cobra. So, if you are lucky, then you may find one running up over your trousers.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Bondla is very small (just 8 sq km) but immensely popular sanctuary. Families love to spend a day in this corner surrounded by a stimulating collection of animals, ranging from boars to porcupines to leopards to deer. Elephants are friendly and you can enjoy rides on them. There are many scintillating and sexy birds as well. But you must not ruffle their feathers.

Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary: Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary is also one of the most recommended places to visit in Goa. Birds, bees, snakes and cats- what more could you ask from life! Butterflies hover around everywhere! And there are some snakes which will surely give you an orgasmic rush. They may appear friendly from a distance, but never try to send them Facebook requests! And in case, you annoy them by stepping into their territories, make sure to hiss and make up!

Sights to see in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, is captivating, lavish, regal and historic. Its many facades can be best captured when you personally visit the city. Jaipur has been instrumental in projecting India’s lush history on its canvas. Though there are a number of attractions which will regale and inspire you, here are some major places to visit in Jaipur:

i.    Hawa Mahal: Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) may have lost some of its appeal today, but it still remains the postcard monument for Jaipur. This 18th century structure is a colossal palace with hundreds of windows at every inch of it. Entering into its premise will be like walking into history!

ii.    City Palace: City Palace is a more notable structure which is sprawled across a huge area and gives every tourist a vivid glimpse into the history & culture of medieval India. While the palace in itself is laced with interesting sections including the Peacock Gate and Chandra Mahal, the architecture will also woo you, and the travel guide’s information will keep you engaged throughout.

iii.    Amber Fort and Palace: This mighty gargantuan structure sits atop a hill like a king surveying its insignificant minnows. Though, you can reach this fort through vehicles as well, it will be best to enjoy an elephant ride for that added thrill. Once you enter the fort & palace, you will be literally stunned by its vastness and its royal grandeur. Describing its ambience through mere words is just not possible!

Amongst other popular tourist places in Jaipur, the prominent ones are Galta Monkey Temple, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Albert Hall Museum and Jantar Mantar.

5 popular NightClubs in Pattaya

Pattaya, in Thailand, is a wonderfully beautiful city with some of the most stunning beaches and adrenaline-pumping water sports. But the city also hits the bull’s eye with its scorching nightlife that never gives you a dull moment. So, after the sun bids goodbye to the clouds, all you need to do is to saunter over to one of these nightspots and bask in the glory of Pattaya nightlife.

Here are the top 5 night clubs in Pattaya:

i.    Lucifer Night Club: It is one of the most popular clubs in the town and has an unworldly feel with its tainted glasses, ostentatious décor and blinding neon lights. A great place to party, dance, drink and get loose!

ii.    Mixx Club: Nestled on the Bali Hai Plaza Mall, the ‘Mixx Club’ receives huge number of footfalls from both local and offshore tourists. It is another hot n happening place where music flows in sync with the mood, and visitors just get transported to a completely refreshing world.

iii.    Marine Club: Once considered a purely girls’ club, now it is visited by both women and men in large numbers. Its USP lies its exclusive music and some really foot-tapping numbers.

iv.    Insomnia: If you are an insomniac or if you wish to become one, then the famed ‘Insomnia’ nightclub is the place to head to. Its vibrancy and liveliness will have an infectious effect over you. A wonderful and memorable experience!

v.    The Xzyte Music: If you wish to explore Pattaya nightlife in a very traditional style, then ‘The Xzyte Music’ is a must-visit place. The club is noted for its unique music, live performances and dance exhibitions which have that quintessential Thai touch.

The Golden Pass Line

Switzerland is a scenic and panoramic country of eloquent hillside beauty and natural exuberance. The best way to gorge on its beauty is to enjoy a journey on the Golden Pass line. Running from Montreux to Lucerne, the Golden Pass Line is a rail route which gives tourists an exhilarating view of the locales of the country. Switzerland tourism has been always upfront in its promotional campaigns for this attraction.

The trains which run on the Golden Pass Line have got glass-stained panoramic windows which give the passengers a hearty view of the diverse beauty of the valleys. Some people make a Switzerland visa just to enjoy the delectable sceneries which this country has to offer in abundance. And there is no better way to do it than to take a ride on the Golden Pass.

Some noteworthy points in this context are:

i.    A theater-like experience: Switzerland tourism promises to regale tourists with a theatrical experience through this panoramic journey. And it doesn’t fail to deliver the promise with the large window screens giving a transparent view of the distant skyline.

ii.     VIP seats: Some trains also offer VIP seats wherein you get an engine’s view of the locales by sharing your compartment with the driver.

iii.    Luxurious: Designed to impress, the trains are stuffed with all kinds of comforts & luxuries to keep every passenger happy and contented. It is a truly one-of-a-kind experience as you zip through large acres of open lands with the gorgeous blue skies leaning down to plant a kiss at the crystal-white tops of the snowy mountains. Are you still waiting to get your Switzerland visa made?

5 things you must do on a trip to Rajasthan

Rajasthan, nestled in the north-west corner of India, is one of the most intriguing, historic and mesmerizing holiday-cum-wedding destinations in the world. Rajasthan tourism board registers countless footfalls from both Indian and foreign tourists. If you are wondering how to make the most of your trip, then here are 5 special things you must do in Rajasthan:

i.    Setting up a rendezvous with history: You cannot escape the eye of the history when you are visiting Rajasthan. The palaces, the forts and the old havelis will just take your breath away. Some popular historical hot spots you should visit under Rajasthan tour packages are Mehrangarh Fort, Amber Fort and Palace, Jaisalmer Fortress, Hawa Mahal and City Palace.

ii.    Saying hello to the tiger: If you are a wildlife freak, then dare not miss out on visiting Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary where you can meet the ferocious yellow-and-black stripped creatures. Thanks to these tigers, the popularity of Rajasthan tourism has further accentuated.

iii.    Walking into the fairs: Rajasthan is a state which wears its culture on its sleeves often baring it exposed for flaunting it during the fairs & festivals which are annually organized. Apart from getting entertained, these fairs would open your eyes to a beautiful and largely quaint culture.

iv.    Enjoying a boat ride on Lake Pichola: If you step into Udaipur, then make sure to take a romantic ferry ride on the mesmeric Lake Pichola!

v.    Visiting the Dilwara Jain Temple: Most Rajasthan tour packages also include a visit to the famed Jain Temples of Dilwara at the scenic hillside town of Mount Abu. You will love the architecture, the historic touché and the religious ambience!