Singapore on foot: Temples, souvenirs and durians for your itching feet

When you are in Singapore, you may very well feel that you have been sucked into a sci-fic movie. Yes, the amount of technology and high-tech engineering which this city-cum-country has absorbed is astonishing. While you can check them all with one of the tour packages to Singapore or one of those easy-to-avail international honeymoon packages we keep throwing at you, the best way to check this destination out is to travel a bit by foot.

There will be some heat, no doubt. But if you hail from continental India, you will find it a piece of cheese. Travelers trickling in from cooler western nations find it a tad tough to negotiate the afternoon summer heat at the onset. But soon, they get accustomed to the weather and become a part of this fiery city. Globetrotters enjoy running through different attractions on foot. Chinatown, for instance, is a place that fascinates; a perfect amalgamation of old and new. At the same time, the corner is a relish-worthy place for any shopper or eater. To be fair, Chinatown has multiple personalities. It will remind you of history with its heritage landmarks and will also tug at your spiritual side through its age-old temples. The eateries are mostly roadside-built and are hence easy on the tongue (and on the pockets).

Indian Temple Singapore

It is hard to turn a few corners in Singapore without coming face to face with a well-designed maverick-looking temple. The bazaars add a different spice to the culture, making this luxury-looking destination seem so simple and primitive all of a sudden.

Souvenirs need to be carefully handpicked to get the best deals and the highest quality. So, exploring the markets by foot seems the better option on any day. The local fruits will toss some unexpected surprises at you. One fruit you must try is the durian. Some travelers call it a skunk in their traveling parlance because of the disgusting smell which this lime-colored fruit radiates in all its abundance. Be a bit careful while shopping for them since they are not permitted in most of the public transports.

Chinatown Singapore

All in all, a true backpacker always makes sure to allot a day or two for exploring on foot. And Singapore is the best antiseptic for your itching feet.

Best places to eat in Singapore

Some people rate a place based on the gastronomical delights and varieties it has to offer. On this count, Singapore should get 9 on 10, if not a full 10 on 10. With Singapore packages, tourists book themselves up for things which give more pleasure than a Federer’s backhand or a Depp’s maverick grins. After all, if you are a foodie, there is no bigger pleasure than the sight of a waiter trudging in with a tray full of your favorite things.

Here are some of the best places to eat in Singapore:

Jalan Sultan Prawn Mee:

If you are into prawns, this restaurant located at 2 Jalan Ayer should be a really satisfying place for you. While prawn noodles are its USP, you can also expect to discover some really crunchy crabs and relish-worthy cuttlefish. This place is good for breakfast, brunch and lunch. It stays closed on Mondays.



To savor a taste of local dishes in authentic traditional style, Immigrants at 467 Joo Chiat Road is a recommended joint. Here, the style is rather archaic and you can rediscover your love for heritage dishes. It opens its doors at 5 pm daily and is a great place to slip in for a supper or a dinner.


Andhra Curry:

Just so that you don’t miss your Indian food, we would recommend Andhra Curry. Located at 41 Kerbau Road by Little India, this is a rather quirky-looking restaurant where you can find some drool-worthy Hyderabadi biryani. At the same time, it is a strong contender for serving the best south Indian dishes in the whole of Singapore. So, this is one to keep an eye on!

Andhra Curry

Maxwell Food Centre:


Try as we might, we just couldn’t put Chinatown out of the list. So, this age-old Maxwell Food Centre had to find a mention. When you are in Chinatown (a top attraction that features in almost all the Singapore honeymoon packages), you have got to sniff your way through scores of stalls and eateries which collectively make up this food centre. While you can devour almost anything, ranging from chicken to noodle to what not, your wallet doesn’t need to suffer since the food out here is pretty cheap.

A Day Well Spent at the Enthralling Underwater World in Singapore

Tourists look for places that are packed with entertainment, and offer the best at the lowest of cost. Tourism in Singapore is one of the best things that have happened to these tourists.  The stunning weather, pristine natural locales, the bewitching Sentosa Island, stylish rooftop bars, etc all integrate with each other to form a majestic little country called Singapore. The highlight of the country, the Sentosa Island, has enveloped some of the greatest tourist’s attractions of the world. One such attraction is the daunting marine life at the Underwater World.

singapore flyer

Tickets to this gigantic world are readily available, and include admission to the Dolphin Lagoon also. Located below the island’s surface, the underwater planet offers edutainment, educational and environment-based programs and assignments like Living in the Ocean, Coral Club, and Ocean Ambassador. It is not just any ordinary aquarium rather it is an oceanarium. You will enjoy the journey in an 83-meter train-like carriage, that is, a travelator. The travelator transports visitors along the oceanarium by means of a 6mm wide acrylic-window, forming a tunnel. Visitors can see tons of marine species such as moray eels, coral reefs, sharks, rock turtles, sea dragons, and a horde of other marine creatures through this tunnel. An unbelievable total of around 250 species of spectacular marine life is found in the oceanarium.


Witness varied species of dolphins like Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins (pink dolphins) in the Dolphin Lagoon. Also play with them, and watch them perform under a trainer’s supervision. Furthermore, participate in fun adventures like Dive With Dugong, Dive With Sharks, Swim With The Dolphins, etc. you can also check out the Fish Reflexology (Singapore’s first fish spa) underwater for a foot spa.

Switch on your computer, and take down some useful tips from the Singapore tourism guide to make your trip even more exciting and adventurous.

5 Luxury Trips You Can Afford: From Barbados To Maldives

Luxury trips may appear something which is not meant for you. But in today’s internet-driven era, a luxury is not necessarily expensive. There are cheap tour packages which are conjured up at the drop of a hat. As long as you are willing to travel, and capable of paying a modest sum, you can reach out to destinations which you thought were out of your reach.

Here are 5 luxury trips which you can really afford:

Istanbul: Istanbul is not a bad place. Its history, ruins, landscape and bazaars will offer you a different kind of a paradise. Besides, since it is not amongst the most sought-after destinations, it is hugely cheap. You can stay at the best of hotels and still walk out with your wallet nearly full. Istanbul is also a great place if you wish to explore a foreign culture.

Cruise ship and Seabus in Istanbul

Barbados: Barbados may be far away but it is a luxury trip which you can surely afford. The flight tariffs are moderate, the hotel rates are manageable and the sightseeing and meal expenses are quite low. Barbados trip will give you that mesmeric and memorable experience which every sea-lover yearns for.

Thailand: Thailand is quite cheap because it is a tourist-friendly country. Most of its attractions and water sports are cheaper than you would have bargained for. The cost of traveling and accommodation is also relatively low. Cheap holiday packages to Thailand are easy to find online.

Ayutthaya Thailand

Singapore: Going to Singapore will give you the chance to say hello to beaches and to explore the myriad attractions. From Jurong Bird Park to Underwater World to Chinatown, Singapore has got everything. Oh, and the packages are really affordable!

singapore flyer

Maldives: Just head to Maldives for that great feeling (of being in a tropical paradise). The experience of mingling with the turquoise sea and flirting with underwater creatures would leave you shaken, stirred and satisfied. World tour packages often include Maldives for the economy it comes with.

Watching Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore: Let your heart race in thrill

Formula 1 race is watched, rewatched and re-rewatched by men from all across the planet. There is something so exciting about this sport that even watching it on the idiot box can give you goose bumps! So, just imagine the wave of thrill you can experience if you are watching it live! Yes, that awesome feeling can be easily explored, provided you are game for a Singapore trip this September!

The Grand Prix is Singapore’s greatest sporting event and one that draws huge number of tourists and their incessant oohs and aahs! The event is held in September usually, but better check the dates before making the trip! There is an escalated demand for a tour package to Singapore during this month, but you better start browsing now, or else the cheap ones would be all taken!


The Singapore Grand Prix, as is the event called, is held on the famed Marina Bay Street Circuit! Tickets are available online and need to be bought in advance. If you can juxtapose your trip with this event, then your experience, no doubt, would be richer. There is just one downside, though a minor one! During the tournament, some roads are regulated stringently and the traffic movement can get a tad sluggish! However, if you are a fan of Formula 1, then these small little issues shouldn’t be even worth your attention!


Just in case you missed out on the tickets and are sulking big time, then there is an alternative for you! There are quite a few hotels which are sprawled by the path of the circuit! Most of them spring into action and offer special room packages to tourists who wish to watch the race from the windows! Fullerton, Pan Pacific and Fairmont are some of the popular hotels that make a lot of money through such an arrangement. It is a win-win situation for everyone! But you better look for the cheapest Singapore tour package, now that September is still some distance away!

Image Source: wikipedia

The Spectacular Esplanade Building in Singapore

It is in the nature of a traveler to explore different flavors of life, the treasures scattered in the varied corners of the earth. The one change that is constant in this world is art; hence art lovers travel to every remote corner of the world to be a part of this beautiful change. Singapore is one country that boasts of its great architectural beauty. A Singapore tourism guide will help you explore the vital archaistic beauty of this country, one such being the Esplanade.


The first place an art lover needs to check out in Singapore is the Esplanade. The Esplanade is designed in the shape of a round ‘durian’ dome that is called ‘feminine’ by some architecture. The building is referred to as ‘durian’ after the durian fruit that resembles the shape of a dome and gives off spiky look. Inaugurated in the year 2002, it has been the world’s busiest arts centers since then. Housed near the Marina Bay the building is built on a giant riverside land, close to the Singapore River. It is divided into two similar pieces of round-shaped figures. It is basically an art center, promoting all sorts of arts. This giant building was set up for five different purposes. It houses a performing arts theatre that seats two-thousand people, numerous recital rooms, a concert hall that can fill up to sixteen-hundred people and a rehearsal studio. It has a huge library on the 3rd floor and other centers for performing outdoor activities. Also housed on the 3rd floor is the food and retail space for dining and shopping. The 4th floor houses an open space. Art lovers crowd this place to watch a vast variety of local and international events ranging from dances to Broadway musicals. Thousands of art lovers visit Singapore to witness the treasures of this spell-binding building. At night one can see couples walking around the outer space of the building as the watersides create an ideal romantic ambience. The building is designed in such a way that it can be viewed beautifully from the top also.


If you are an art lover just grab your computer and book online holiday packages from India to this awe-inspiring and unpredictable country today.

Image Source: WikiPedia

A Day Trip to Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a small and secluded hamlet which is nestled in the north-eastern corner of Singapore. It is one of the least urbanized areas in the country and has that raw rustic beauty which can instantly give you a whiff of bucolic nostalgia. With a sparse population but some pristine natural locales, this place is fetching good number of visitors these days.

Image Source:wikipedia

Image Source:wikipedia

Pulau Ubin was once just an outdoor escapade for local city-dwellers, but its popularity for a day trip has been rising in recent times, thanks to some wonderful Singapore packages.

Despite being miniscule in size, there are some diverse varieties of attractions which will greet your hungry eyes as you step over its less trodden soils. The Pekan Quarry is one of its most visited attractions. The quarry has, over the years, transformed into a miniature lake and has got wrapped in quilts of serenity and solitude.

Then there is the Chek Jawa Wetland. It is situated towards the eastern end of the Ubin Island and is noted for its rich ecosystem and biodiversity. The lovers of nature would definitely have a peaceful and memorable time at this place.

Image Source:wikipedia

Image Source:wikipedia

The spiritual seekers must not miss out on the Wei Tuo Fa Gong Temple. Lying towards the western part of the island, it is a Buddhist temple which is around 85 years old. It is not just spiritual but is also embedded amidst natural locales.

Peripatetic tourists must also check out the German Girl Shrine which has a yellow tinge to it making it distinguishable from its surroundings even from a sizeable distance.

A Singapore tour package can stitch a one-day trip for you to Pulau Ubin. It is easy to reach, is a blissful escape from the dazzle of the main cities, and does not burden your pocket. If you plan to stay overnight, then you can either slip into some hotels like the Celestial Resort or you can camp out outdoors.