Indian restaurants in Switzerland

Some Indian tourists are very fussy about their food. They will not settle for anything other than pure Indian food, even though there are some phenomenal cuisines out there just waiting to be gobbled and relished. Fortunately for the young couples, when you are going for a Switzerland honeymoon, you will not go through such problems. Switzerland has always been a big draw for Indian tourists and honeymooners. So, a number of Indian residents have opened eateries which serve purely Indian dishes. Besides, now that internet culture has given another push to international tourism, such restaurants are opening doors pretty fast.


One of the more recommended of Indian restaurants in the Swiss region is the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant. It primarily serves north Indian food with special emphasis on Punjabi dishes. The USP of this joint is the Indian curry which has the power to make even the most sophisticated diners lick their fingers in a shameless display of gluttony. The fact that the joint is located in Interlaken also works in its favor. This town is counted amongst the more popular tourist destinations. So, the Taj Mahal restaurant deservingly gets its footfalls and even the non-Indian tourists often hop inside this place to get a taste of what spicy Indian food is all about.


If you happen to travel to Geneva, you must drop by at the Sajna Indian Restaurant. True to its name, its dishes too are authentically Indian. Foodies vouch for the delicacies served at this place. Besides, if you have a tongue for south Indian dishes, perhaps you cannot find any better place in the whole of Switzerland to get the best ones into your mouth. Sajna is run by an Indian family and hence there is a lot of bonhomie which a random Indian couple can associate with this joint. It helps that the prices are very reasonable and most people head back to their hotels only to return for another bout of lunch/dinner on the next day.


Indians on the lookout for Switzerland tour package may also keep an eye on the timings of Little India Restaurant. A quiet eatery, this is another must-visit for those who are itching to get their hands on some home-cooked meals.


Ski Resorts In Switzerland You Can Afford

Skiing and Switzerland go hand in hand. They are affixed to each other like two lovers whose fates are sealed by destiny and they cannot simply survive without each other. So when you are in Switzerland, you are likely to bump into scores and hundreds of resorts where you can try out skiing. However, not all the skiing resorts are pocket-friendly and this article is a tribute to all those poor friends of mine who are looking for a way to ski their heart to delight without emptying their scanty wallets.

Skiing Switzerland

Arosa is a young ski resort which is quite affordable and is hence preferable to anyone who does not have the luxuries of splurging. Tourism Switzerland packages often recommend budget-friendly tourists to book this resort where you can ski in beautiful landscape and enjoy fine meals of mixed cuisines. It is a perfect family-oriented resort which will satisfy you on all counts.

Arosa ski resort Switzerland

Grindelwald (does the name ring a bell) is another skiing resort which is quite popular for more reasons than one. It is not just a decently priced skiing resort and is quite a modern place for entertainment, it is a much-loved place amidst young people simply because of the fact that it is named after a character from the famed Harry Potter series of books. True to the expectations, Grindelwald has some pleasant surprises for children as well as grown-ups.

Grindelwald Ski Resort Switzerland

Verbier is another skiing resort which is very popular. It may not be the most affordable one for you, but if you can squeeze this one into your budget, then do not miss out on it. Its slopes, nightlife and food are extremely indulgent.

You are also advised to purchase a Switzerland tourism guide which will give you handy info about all the ski resorts with full details including address and phone numbers.

Cheap Hotels In Switzerland: 4 Places Loved By Budget Backpackers

If you have made the sensible decision of spending your honeymoon in the Swiss Alps, then we would happily show you around some pocket-friendly hotels. We understand that staying at a hotel in an offshore destination can be really heavy on the pocket unless you have done your research well.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

So, here we offer you a quick glimpse of some really cheap hotels in the country:

  1.  Piz Buin: The tariff for a person in its room is just 65 CHF. But that’s not the greatest quality about this hotel. It is a quaint and archaic-looking building which offers you the complete serenity and the perfect ambience for a romantic sojourn. It is located in the town of Guarda.
  2. Victoria Ritter: You can buy honeymoon packages for Switzerland and book a room at Hotel Victoria Ritter nestled in Kandersteg. It is a hotel strongly recommended for families traveling with kids. There are special games and kids’ rooms which are perfect for your kids. But even honeymooners and business men love to stay at this cozy place. Its rates are 80 CHF per person.
  3. Hotel Urirotstock: If you wish to stay close to the nature, then choose this hotel situated just by the Lucerne Lake. Located in Isenthal, the hotel charges you just 50 CHF.
  4. Hotel Park: At Fiesch, this hotel should be your perfect resting ground. For staying in a double room, you will be required to shell out just 50 CHF. It has good amenities and enjoys a busy location.
Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

Switzerland honeymoon packages from India are available on the internet and can be booked instantly. Using these packages, you can make advance bookings of rooms in your preferred hotel.

PS- The rates mentioned above are the general tariffs. But as is the case with most hotels, their prices keep changing depending on the season.

Switzerland Tourism: 5 Things I Really Love About Switzerland

I was still a kid when the late Bollywood director Yash Chopra opened the floodgates of fantasy and showed us a beautiful, almost incredible, vignette of Switzerland in his lovey-dovey films. Back then, I was pretty impressed and always wanted to have a slice of Switzerland tourism, provided someone pays for my trip. And then, years later, when I finally did get that chance to tour this country, I was skeptical! I felt that the country, after all, may not be as fancifully exuberant or as poetically charming as it was showcased in those Bollywood rom-coms.

But hey, I was wrong! I found this out the moment I landed on the Swiss soil. The sight which my eyes feasted on for the next few days is something which they won’t forget in a hurry. The Alps are not just mightily picturesque. They are epitomes of tranquility and appear to have jutted out right from some fable story. I can go on and on about the scenic beauty of this country. But then, I need to really move on, and point out a few other good things which Switzerland has to offer.

Here is a list of some of the best things I like about Switzerland:

i.    The train journey: Journeying through train back in my country was a horrendous experience. But it was in Switzerland that I discovered how good it can feel while you are seated inside a luxurious seat and the engine charges down those snowy mountains and the cold wind whips at your face! The Glacial Express journey is something I recommend to everyone, even to my miserly neighbor who, I know, would never take his family for an exorbitant Switzerland trip (even if he wins a million dollar lottery).

Image Source: wikipedia

Image Source: wikipedia

ii.    Architecture: Believe me, Switzerland has a very lively collection of buildings. And the great thing is that they come with some delectable variety! So, you have that quaint architecture which would pull you around its arms of nostalgia, and you also have some new-age modern designs coming up which can make you awed at the engineering skills of the ingenious man.

iii.    Chocolates and bonbons: Anyone who is into chocolates and bonbons will never be able to hate Switzerland. Switzerland tourism tempts you with its local chocolate factories and bonbon-selling shops. Yes I know even my native country sells chocolates like anything! But once you have tasted the Swiss chocolates, you are not going to get satisfaction out of anything else. Besides, in Switzerland, one can always take a tour of the factories and see the workers manufacturing these delicious little things!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

iv.    Cuisine: Switzerland knows how to make you yield to temptation! I used to be a very choosy eater especially in offshore countries! But this place brought about a change in me, and made me eat like a glutton! Places like Post Haus, Heimberg and Chlosterli can make you lick your fingers over and over again.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

v.    Skiing: Finally, I love this country for its adventure sports. There is no better place in the world to enjoy skiing. The snowy slopes are so fresh and windy, that I wish I could scream and say, ‘These mountain are mine’!