Where to Go for this New Year

Here are our pick for the best beaches this New Year’s eve:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Second only to Carnival, Re’veillon (New Year’s Eve) will see around two million people descend onto the sands of the Copacabana. Arguably the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world, you will be guaranteed a wild, unforgettable night like no other. There will be fireworks and there will be beautiful people and you will be engulfed by the free spirit that is Brazil. Tradition calls for you to be donned in white, considered the lucky color to bring prosperity for the following year.

Miami, USA

Amazing weather, parades, fireworks and crazy party people! What better way to ring in the New Year. Miami parties the whole year and it only gets better at this time of the year. You have a whole horde of beach clubs to choose from with wacky themes and exotic entertainment, swaying to the music of top DJ’s from across the globe.

Phuket, Thailand


The celebrations here start well in advance with the Half Moon festival just before Christmas. This is followed by the customary Full Moon party on the 25th. In a lead up to the main event, there are beach football and volleyball tournaments, even a bikini contest. The Koh Phangan island is the place to be with the crowds arriving over 2weeks before New Year’s Eve itself. The actual New Years Eve party is a riot, the island is jam packed with a wide selection of clubs and beach parties to suit your need.

Goa, India


Every December, tourists and backpackers from across the globe arrive at the quaint beaches of Goa to welcome the New Year. With it’s inherent Portuguese influences, Goa is laid back and has a handful of interesting beaches to explore. Goa hosts Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, Sunburn, for a couple of days just the big eve. You will find an eclectic mix of people to lose yourself in. And don’t forget to try the locally brewed fenny!

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is renowned for its Grand beach parties and first class entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

‘One Night of Pacha’ on New Year’s Eve takes place at the famous Pacha Ibiza and continues into New Year’s Day and ongoing celebrations at the beach.



Know about Thailand package with airfare and journey through South-East Asia

South-East Asia, in recent years, has emerged as the most appealing destination for Indians. This corner not only offers a slew of amazing countries but also puts lesser strain on your pockets. A journey through the countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia can be a fulfilling and happy experience. Thailand, for instance, is a country whose culture hasn’t got ravaged by modernity. The alluring bazaars, the omnipresent hospitality and that tendency to show respect to religion is still very much a part of the 21st century Thailand.

Snorkeling & Sea Canoeing in Krabi

Plus, Thailand offers you cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Krabi. Each of them has a story to tell; each story being different and almost as fascinating as the other. If Bangkok is the woman’s favorite shopping den, Pattaya is the beach bum’s getaway. At the beaches of Pattaya, you can roll over sand, go deep into the water with scuba diving or toss yourself up in the sky with parasailing. Chiang Mai brings you a bucket of history and religion while Krabi is an adventurer’s ultimate treasure. Phuket is a mix of everything and is another great place to spend a few days.


How to reach Thailand: The distance between India and Thailand is a shade under 3,000 km. It takes around 3 hours 45 minutes to reach the capital Bangkok from our capital New Delhi. A Thailand package with airfare included is now easy to grab at portal sites.

Once you are through Thailand, you can move on to Vietnam, another fabled land of history, culture and nature. This country which has seen the ugly years of war is now a top draw amongst the history-obsessed tourists. Attractions like Hanoi City, Halong Bay, Hoa Lu, Perfume River, Danang Beach, Mekong Delta and Dalat hill station offer a mixture of everything.


Cambodia is not far away and you can round up your trip with a brief visit to this historic country as well. Full of temples and shrines, Cambodia’s focal points of attractions include gems like Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom, Preah Vihear Temple, Silver Pagoda and Wat Phnom. Kep National Park, Botum Sakor National Park, Independence Monument, Neak Pean and Cambodian Cultural Village and the rest make sure that there is no shortage of tourist points.

Everybody Can Go To Thailand- Including Your Maid And Milkman

Everybody can go to Thailand or can they? I mean your maid may not be able to make that trip even though the cheap tour packages are so affordable that I am not quite sure of this claim! But on second thoughts, that maid of yours may still be able to make the trip, given the amount of money the maids of today make every month! As for your chauffeur, your milkman, your office peon and your gardener- they too can make the trip, if you raise their salaries generously or if you are willing to take them all along with you for a wholesome family trip!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

So, everybody can go to Thailand (even the piano teacher of your child) since you may not mind taking them all, given the cheapness of the best holiday packages. When in Thailand, you, however, may not feel the need of all these people! Your milkman won’t quite like to serve you every morning at the crack of dawn, since he is likely to go to bed pretty late (given the lure of Bangkok nightlife)! Your maid is likely to treat herself to a nice spa session and make you feel as if you are the maid and she the mistress (which is pretty much how most Indian homemakers feel anyway)! Your office peon may run you small errands, but you must not rob him of the opportunity of gaping at the bikini-clad foreign girls in the beaches of Pattaya! The gardener, for a change, will be growing saplings of hope and romance in his own internal garden after feasting on the beautiful landscape of Krabi and Phuket! Neither your child nor his piano tutor is likely to conduct any piano session when they are faced with luxuries of the brilliant resorts!

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

It will be a happy vacation for all of them! Just make sure that you are not taking your wife alongside. She is going to shop to such an extent that all the money you saved from the cheap tour packages will be squandered away on those flashy and inviting malls!


Romancing and relaxing on the lap of nature in Thailand

When it comes to the most special ‘honeymoon’ trip, people prefer tranquility, serenity and a calm atmosphere for absolute relaxation. Hence they choose spots that are picturesque, very close to Mother Nature and are absolutely romantic. Off late, Thailand has been growing in popularity as a honeymoon spot. People from all corners of the world now choose from different honeymoon packages Thailand to spend a memorable holiday with their loved ones. With mountains on one side and pristine beaches on another, mysterious and picturesque islands floating on turquoise blue sea water, temples and breathtaking surroundings, Thailand offer a complete package to honeymooners.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

At Thailand you can choose from different honeymoon packages. You can opt for a romantic honeymoon package, a relaxing package, lover’s escape or spa honeymoon package. The romancing honeymoon package includes trips to the famous temples of Thailand and the bustling city of Bangkok, the Floating Market, Pattaya Beach and scuba diving at the Coral Island. By choosing the Lover’s Escape package, you can visit the Grand Palace, one of the ‘must see’ places in Thailand. It is a grand complex that features the Temple of Emarald Buddha or Wat Phra Keow, which is a wonder of the world.  From there you will be taken for a Bangkok Canal Tour, where you will be travelling on the water on a motor launch or a speed boat. Temples and residential buildings on either sides of the water way look fascinating from the boat.

Image Source:WikiPedia

Image Source:WikiPedia

To gift your person of ‘love’ complete relaxation, you can choose the relaxing honeymoon package and fly to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. From Chiang Mai you can make trips to the tribal villages on the hills or opt for the elephant safari in the jungle. After spending a couple of days at Chiang Mai you can fly to Samui, which is a serene piece of land on the bank of the turquoise sea. From Samui you can visit the picturesque rocky islands of Koh Nangyuan and Koh Tao. Like many other countries, Thailand honeymoon packages from India are available in different ttypes that you can choose from. Check out packages of different travel agencies and choose one according to your preference.

Questions to inquire before Booking a Thailand hotel online

Thailand offers a number of the world-famous destinations and facilitate vacationers create unforgettable moments once on a visit to Thailand. You’ll visit stunning places like Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, etc. And spend marvelous time together with your family. If you’re visiting Asian nation for the first time, you must book a good Thailand hotel to guide you throughout your visit during this lovely place. Besides booking a good Thailand hotel, vacationers ought to do analysis to know the necessary things they will do once visiting this beautiful country.


Thailand offers numerous hotels wherever you’ll stay and luxuriate in but make sure to decide the places that you wish to go to. Once you decide on the places you want to visit in Thailand, look for the hotels located in the place supported your needs and budget. There are both reasonable and pricey hotels in Thailand but you must book a Thailand hotel that has positive reviews and suggested by other vacationers. Before booking any Thailand hotel, you must bear in mind of the location, the reputation, and therefore the facilities provided by the Thailand hotel you want to book. You can book your accommodation from the following Phuket hotels. These are Patong Beach Lodge Phuket, Woraburi Phuket Resort Spa and Rayaburi Resort Phuket§.


Whether you have visited Thailand earlier or visiting for the first time, you’ll realize a good Thailand hotel with a single click of a mouse. Looking out the web will assist you find online reviews of the Thailand hotel you want to book along with the user’s ratings to assist you know the services and amenities offered by them. Reading online reviews is vital, because it helps us compare the costs and services of Thailand hotels. Once reading reviews, you must target the room service, location, food, etc. And so book a Thailand hotel.

What to think about before Booking a Thailand Hotel:

Making yourself tuned in to the necessary things will assist you book a good Thailand hotel that meets your needs. You must keep in mind the below mentioned tips to book a good Thailand and experience a unique vacation experience.

 Ask regarding the Location:

As mentioned on top of, it’s necessary for vacationers to decide the place they need to go to in Thailand and so look for Thailand hotels. Further, vacationers ought to decide whether or not they need to book a Thailand hotel that’s conveniently located or in the outskirts of the city. For the first-timers, it’s smart to book a Thailand hotel that’s conveniently located to help them reach varied places easily. However, if you want to spend time during a reposeful atmosphere then rummage around for a Thailand hotel that’s located in a serene surroundings.

Ask if reworking or Construction goes on:

Vacationers should find out if the Thailand hotel they need to book is undergoing renovation. They ought to also inquire if the swimming pool is open or closed for maintenance. Vacations are meant for relaxation and considering these necessary factors will assist you book a good Thailand hotel.

Find Out if the Thailand hotel includes a Restaurant:

Many Thailand hotels either have a restaurant or are in close proximity to many restaurants. To avoid wasting time and have dinner after a effortful day in your room you must book a Thailand hotel having a restaurant. To book a good and purported Thailand hotel, vacationers are suggested to think about these necessary factors and make their stay fantastic and unforgettable.

Author Biography: Ms. Mirrin Rose is the Author of the “Questions to inquire before Booking a Thailand hotel online“. Thailand-Hotel.com is one of the foremost hotel agents in this category; offer some of the best services for booking cheap hotels Sugar Palm Grand Hill Side Phuket, Rawai Palm Beach Resort Phuket§ in Phuket, Thailand.

Best Holiday Destinations in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the best holiday sought destinations in the world. It is one of the most frequently visited spots having some the famous and favourite corners. It is famous for its beaches, culinary cuisines and low-priced shopping.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Phillipines, Singapore, Vietnam and Thialand comes under the umbrella of South East Asia. From the sleeping giant of South East Asia, Indonesia to the land of smiles, Thailand, South East Asia has so much to offer for travellers around the globe.

One popular holiday land in South East Asia is Thailand. Thailand is commonly known as the shoppers paradise, which is not only famous for shopping but also for the diversity in the activities and food cuisines. Famous for the gorgeous beaches, beautiful islands, budget shopping and perfect for a vacation. Thailand stands in the top spot for honeymoon destinations too. It could be too hot during the summers. The ideal time to visit is during November to February and June to October.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

There a plenty of luxurious and affordable resorts. Also, experience the splendid Thai culture of a kind. Water adventurists can have maximum fun scuba-diving, snorkeling or at the shark dive in.Many swim schools are available too. Thailand is blessed with many temples. Many rituals and festivals takes place in April. Shop for souvenirs, clothing, articles like cutlery to antiques all at the shoppers paradise which is available at a very reasonable price.

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Image Credit: Wikipedia

Bangkok tourism has so much to give. Visit and experience serenity in the beautiful Land of Smiles, Thailand. With the amazing discounts offered by Thailand tour packages you can relax a little longer by the beach sides.