7 Things You Must do in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is an interesting holiday gateway stuffed with sightseeing attractions and full of liveliness, fun and joie de vivre. There are plenty of things one can do in this lively city, but here are 7 must-do things for every first-time visitor:

Shop till you drop: Just like Thailand or Singapore, Malaysia too is known for its great markets and malls. For a shopaholic, Kuala Lumpur is a drop-dead beautiful destination. The best area for shopping is Jalan Petaling Street which often draws comparisons with Singapore’s Chinatown. One of the best things is that you can pick up any electronic or clothing at a very yummy price. But it is advisable to haggle a bit. So, don’t forget to bargain. Make your wife take the centre stage during such occasions. Wives are, by general consent, much more dominant when it comes to bargaining skills.


Filling your tummy: Once you have filled your shopping bag, you should also put something inside your tummy. The cuisines out here will spoil you with choices and their deliciousness will leave a sweet taste in your tongue. Indian and Chinese cuisines are also very popular apart from the local ones.

Explore the museums: Kuala Lumpur packages also give you a great view of the museums. Places like the National Museum and the National Art Gallery offer tourists with an eclectic range of exhibits ranging from cultural interest to historical artifacts to famous paintings & portraits.


Look down from the Petronas Towers: The Petronas twin Tower is the most popular landmark in the city and a must-visit locale. Just climb up this gigantic tower (which is one of the tallest landmarks in the world) and get goose bumps as you look down. Your Kuala Lumpur holidays won’t be complete without a trip to this corner.


Get close to our feathery friends: Kuala Lumpur tour packages also give you a personal rendezvous with the macaws, storks, Hornbills and hundreds of other birds at the famed Kuala Lumpur Bird Park. Every traveler should make sure to visit this famous bird park.

Touring the temples: The city is also home to a myriad number of sedate temples like the Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple and the Thean Hou Temple. Do take out time to pay them a visit!


Visiting the KL Tower: The KL Tower is number 5 on the list of tallest landmarks in the world. It is another impressive tower which enthralls you with its jaw-dropping view.


Apart from these, there are ample other attractions to keep you hooked and busy throughout your holiday.


Dolphin-watching in Goa: Is it worth it?

If you are confronted with the possibility of an expedition which will take you in the midst of the sea amongst the school of dolphins which you can watch and photograph, a la the Nat Geo experts, you are bound to feel that orgasm of super-thrill. One of the top activities in Goa is to head for dolphin-watching since the Arabian Sea has them in good numbers and the ferry-managers are always eager to take you in their midst.

Baga Beach

Baga Beach

In fact, if you happen to take a jog on the beaches of Goa in the morning, you are quite likely to be approached by ferry-wallahs who will offer you a ‘dolphin trip’. The cost can be high and they can be pushy. So, you should not fail to bargain. To be honest, they will always try to tempt you and promise you a good show, though some people are actually left disappointed towards the end.

PLaying with Dolphins in Goa

It’s not that dolphins are not sighted. But they usually make a brisk appearance and for a couple of seconds before dipping back into the oceanic depths again. Most people only get to see the fins but if you are fortunate, you may get a brief view of their snouts. It is very unlikely that you will witness the aerial leap of the grand dolphins the way they show in adventure movies, but then you may have bright stars.

Dolphin photography

Dolphin photography

Dolphin-photography can be tricky as their transient appearance leaves you with very little time to zoom in your camera, focus and take a great shot. So, you must stay prepared with your camera fully on and senses fully alert.


At the end of the day, it is still an once-in-a-lifetime experience and definitely worth it, though not totally. The experience shall differ from person to person. The best time to check out the dolphins is early during the day at around 6 am- 11 am when you have a bright chance of sighting quite a few of them. Palolem Beach is one of the best places where you can go for dolphin trips. The rates are not fixed but they usually ask for somewhere between Rs 1000-1500. Try haggling and ask for a boat on a share-basis if you are travelling solo or are few in numbers.

With Goa holiday packages, a rendezvous with the dolphins in the wild is a cherish-worthy experience.

Top things to do in London

Procrastinating is bad for a backpacker’s health. So, instead of thinking whether you should go or not, or when should you go and on what if the weather turns bad, we would say that you just book your Europe holiday packages and get set for a hip-hop London trip.

London is amongst the most endearing tourist destinations since it mixes up history with present-day attractions in an effortless manner. Here we present the top things to do in London. We are not saying that these are the only best things about this city. There are loads more. Just make sure that you do not skip out on the ones mentioned below:

Visiting the British Museum: A museum may not sound all that exciting to a non-museum type of a person. But believe us, the British Museum is really something special. It has got things you only read about in books and never thought existed in reality. Just like that Rosetta Stone which can singlehandedly spawn an entire novella of history.


Skating: In case you do end up procrastinating and thus postpone your trip to the far end of summer, we would growl and ask you to skip this point. But we are an optimistic bunch and we will happily assume that your trip is going to materialize this winter itself, in which case we would say that you must try ice skating. Some interesting skating spots will be the Tower of London and Hyde Park.

Tower of London

Eye the city from The London Eye: The London Eye is a huge jaw-dropping merry-go-round which used to be the highest of its kind until Singapore Flyer dethroned it. It will offer you an excellent panorama of the city. Plus, the experience will give you the kind of thrills which will make your heart say cuss words to you.


Watch plays: There are some really good theatres in the city and if you love art, then it would be a great idea to up your PQ level. (PQ= Play quotient, you silly)

Other attractions: A few other attractions you must visit include Imperial War Museum, National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. And don’t forget to eat. Eating and eating big is amongst the best things to do in London, says a compulsive foodie.

Five Best Things to do in Dubai if it is Your Maiden Trip

Dubai has emerged as a destination of domineering stature, one which has got no rival on the planet. This statement is adequately attested by giant landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall which sit haughtily on the land of Dubai and bask under the riveting attention they receive throughout the year. With Dubai tour being rolled out on net, even people with modest means can plan that dream trip to this dream destination.

And if you are heading to Dubai for the first time, then allow us to guide you a bit. So, here are the five best things you must do in Dubai, or else we would force you to go again:

Crooning on the dunes: No, you don’t exactly need to croon, but your hormone levels would be so high in thrill that we dare you to stop yourself from screaming aloud! Dubai is a destination for the dune-lovers, or to be precise for those who always wanted to step foot on such phantasmagoric deserts which we only hear or read about but never see face-to-face. Enjoy camel rides or jeep safaris or simply walk bare-footed and feel the sand-laden air strike your face- these dunes are all yours!

Camel Ride
Luxurious dining: If you are en route to Dubai under romantic honeymoon packages, then you should treat your spouse with some luxurious dinners by the beach or on the desert. Dining at desert is no longer a distant possibility, and the beach outside the Burj Al Arab offers you an intensely memorable dining experience!

Luxury dining

Dining experience in Dubai

Kidding around: In case, you are with your kids, then we can assure you that you will never run out of attractions. From the Indoor Skiing to KidZania to the Dubai Aquarium, this destination is where you can simply turn a kid with your kid.
Checking the best of the best: Dubai houses some of the best attractions of Dubai which the world has to offer. If Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade thing on the planet, then Dubai Mall is the largest mall and the Burj Al Arab is the most talked-after hotel! Just check them out one by one!

Mosques and souks: The mosques and souks are quite unique attractions which you must not skip during your stay.

So when it comes to Dubai, there should be no looking back! Just toss your clothes inside your trunks and get ready for the adrenaline rush!

Top 5 things to do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most respected cities amongst tourists and backpackers. It has multiple personalities and lives up to the expectations of all kinds of travelers. This hugely photogenic city has some of the most enchanting locations and landmarks which will definitely have a spellbinding impact on your mind.

To speak of the attractions, here are the top 5 things you should do in this city:

i.    Visiting Sydney Opera House: Sydney Opera House epitomizes the city’s undying love for music. At the same time it highlights a unique architecture and forms a stunning imagery with the Sydney Harbour as its backdrop. It also lies in the vicinity of Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Rocks. All these three attractions are clubbed together in most Australia tour packages.

ii.    Have fun at the Bondi Beach: Bondi Beach is the best beach which Sydney has to offer. Its beauty and sophistication has also been chronicled in Chetan Bhagat’s best-selling book ‘3 Mistakes of My Life’ which was recently made into a film titled ‘Kai Po Che’.

iii.    Exploring Chinatown: Australia, like Singapore, has its own Chinatown which is the hub for shoppers and diners. It is also home to local Chinese community and is a paradise for the culture-hunters.

iv.    Boarding the ferry to Manly: Tour packages always try to include a ferry ride to Manly. The picturesque background and the serene water of the harbour is a definite breath-stealer.

v.    Checking out the Royal Botanic Gardens: Royal Botanic Gardens have a special place in the hearts of the nature lovers. Apart from being a tranquil place, it also offers a peek into the close world of plants and flowers. It is congenially nested beside the Sydney Opera House and can be thus included easily in your sightseeing plans.

All these attractions are must-visit even if your Sydney tour is going to be a 2-day affair.