5 affordable ski resorts in Switzerland

Ski resorts can be expensive and the ones in Switzerland are some of the best in the world. No wonder, they can make you pay. But those who have less money or less willingness to spend money need not go back disappointed. There are affordable ones as well though it is better to narrow down the best ones before you start your Swiss tour.

La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz

We understand your requirements and your unwillingness to do all the hard work. So, here we have buried our head over tons of pages and have scooped up five ski resorts which are affordable and, hence, recommended for you:



  1. La Tzoumaz: This resort is situated in the same region as Verbier, the top-class ski resort and one which you must visit if you have got money. But those who cannot afford to stay put at Verbier, La Tzoumaz is a cheaper alternative. It is certainly budget-friendly and is also free from the clutter which can make you sick during peak season at resorts like Verbier. The tracks are equally enthralling. Just don’t expect the kind of luxury you can get at Verbier and you’ll be fully contended.
  2. Andermatt: Andermatt is one of the most underrated ski resorts in the world. It is a pity that it hasn’t got its due, despite the fact that it shares its neighborhood with biggies like Verbier and Zermatt. You can get away with a weekly expenditure of just 165 pounds. Didn’t we say it is dirt cheap?
  3. Grindelwald: It is not the cheapest ski resort by any means, but it is one for the budget tourists. Plus, if you can book Europe packages from India, you can expect to cash in on good discount.
  4. Arosa: Arosa has a nice landscape to offer and an equally delightful food to serve its guests. It is a ski resort which is mostly visited by families. A nice ambiance awaits you there at very decent rates.
  5. Davos: Davos is a strange resort since here you will find tourists of both clans- the wealthiest as well as extremely budget-conscious. For an inexpensive Swiss honeymoon tour, you may find this one appealing if you tread about cautiously.



My bachelor’s party in Pattaya

I had heard a lot about nightlife in Pattaya but had never experienced it until last month when I finally headed to this destination. Thailand has always lured Indians since it is quite close by and is perhaps the cheapest foreign destination which is there to be had. Besides, with cities like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya amongst others, who needs any other place in the world? Pattaya, true to its notorious reputation, lived up to the billing. I was hoping to have a full-on blast with my gang of friends without any curb on the number of glasses drowned or on the time spent outside after midnight. Since most of us are about to get married off, it was also one last hurrah for us bachelors who have been on many Indian trips and excursions together.


The immediate image which comes to mind when one thinks of Pattaya is Walking Street after dusk. This place is the real hub for the party animals. If you are a freak who revels in the neon lights and sound of music, you better be at Walking Street for your Pattaya nightlife. The zing, the ambiance and the crowd will have you swooned. Plus, sex sells like anything out here. There are strip clubs where you can just go and have your glass of alcohol while hot girls will strip live on stage before your very eyes, dressing down to their itsy bitsy lingerie. Though, me and my friends didn’t wish to get embroiled with the sex girls, despite the natural temptation, I am sure that they do not have any dearth of clients. So, unless you know how to control your urges, you may just find yourself in a very hot bed. But a note of caution which I would like to float out is that Pattaya’s girls are not safe to get laid with. Cases of HIV have been rampant and it’s no secret that many of these girls carry STDs. So, better stay out of the real stuff and just drink, party and have fun.


Bachelor parties can also be organized on the beach. On a certain evening I remember, we just decided to spend the entire night on the beach. It was really awesome though it was turning a bit nippy by around midnight and we decided to head back to the warm comforts of our hotels. Next, I may revisit the city albeit with my wife. I have found myself browsing the net for Pattaya honeymoon packages for the last few days.


Indian restaurants in Switzerland

Some Indian tourists are very fussy about their food. They will not settle for anything other than pure Indian food, even though there are some phenomenal cuisines out there just waiting to be gobbled and relished. Fortunately for the young couples, when you are going for a Switzerland honeymoon, you will not go through such problems. Switzerland has always been a big draw for Indian tourists and honeymooners. So, a number of Indian residents have opened eateries which serve purely Indian dishes. Besides, now that internet culture has given another push to international tourism, such restaurants are opening doors pretty fast.


One of the more recommended of Indian restaurants in the Swiss region is the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant. It primarily serves north Indian food with special emphasis on Punjabi dishes. The USP of this joint is the Indian curry which has the power to make even the most sophisticated diners lick their fingers in a shameless display of gluttony. The fact that the joint is located in Interlaken also works in its favor. This town is counted amongst the more popular tourist destinations. So, the Taj Mahal restaurant deservingly gets its footfalls and even the non-Indian tourists often hop inside this place to get a taste of what spicy Indian food is all about.


If you happen to travel to Geneva, you must drop by at the Sajna Indian Restaurant. True to its name, its dishes too are authentically Indian. Foodies vouch for the delicacies served at this place. Besides, if you have a tongue for south Indian dishes, perhaps you cannot find any better place in the whole of Switzerland to get the best ones into your mouth. Sajna is run by an Indian family and hence there is a lot of bonhomie which a random Indian couple can associate with this joint. It helps that the prices are very reasonable and most people head back to their hotels only to return for another bout of lunch/dinner on the next day.


Indians on the lookout for Switzerland tour package may also keep an eye on the timings of Little India Restaurant. A quiet eatery, this is another must-visit for those who are itching to get their hands on some home-cooked meals.

The Egypt You Don’t See

So you’ve decided to fly to Egypt and experience a little slice of ancient history. Yes, we all know of the Pyramids and we all know of the tombs, but what about the things you don’t hear about. What are these little bits of authenticity which you don’t usually read about that makes this holiday location a unique place to visit? This article will show just a few of the activities and places to visit that aren’t as well known as the main tourist attractions! Whether you’ve decided to stay in the smaller city of Hurghada or you’re staying in one of Egypt’s main cities like Cairo, this article will have you covered in this stunning country!

The Markets and How to Barter


One of the greatest places to go, day or night, is to one of the many markets dotted around every city or village. These are great places to pick up little bargains but don’t expect to go in and pay the asking price. You’ll be expected to barter/haggle for the price. It’s important that you get used to haggling so you don’t get ripped off. One of the tips I can give you is to not start off too low and offend the seller! Judging the price is where the skill and experience comes from. The bottom line, don’t be nervous and have fun!

The Shisha Bars

The Shisha Bars

One of the most common ways to smoke tobacco in the Middle East is to smoke it through a shisha pipe. Now if you have children with you on your holiday, this won’t be an option for you. However, if you’re travelling by yourself or a partner, you should check out these bars and experience smoking tobacco through a hubbly bubbly. Make sure you try as many flavours of tobacco as you can. I recommend the apple flavour as it has a strong a very distinctive taste!

The Safari’s


With a great opportunity to get up close and personal with animals you’ll never get close to usually, Egypt safaris are a great way to see species such as Lions, Tigers and Hippos. The trip usually lasts a day so make sure you book it in advance and take plenty of water and food with you. By travelling in air conditioned jeeps, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot in the desert either. This is a great activity for all the family!

Where to Go for this New Year

Here are our pick for the best beaches this New Year’s eve:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Second only to Carnival, Re’veillon (New Year’s Eve) will see around two million people descend onto the sands of the Copacabana. Arguably the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world, you will be guaranteed a wild, unforgettable night like no other. There will be fireworks and there will be beautiful people and you will be engulfed by the free spirit that is Brazil. Tradition calls for you to be donned in white, considered the lucky color to bring prosperity for the following year.

Miami, USA

Amazing weather, parades, fireworks and crazy party people! What better way to ring in the New Year. Miami parties the whole year and it only gets better at this time of the year. You have a whole horde of beach clubs to choose from with wacky themes and exotic entertainment, swaying to the music of top DJ’s from across the globe.

Phuket, Thailand


The celebrations here start well in advance with the Half Moon festival just before Christmas. This is followed by the customary Full Moon party on the 25th. In a lead up to the main event, there are beach football and volleyball tournaments, even a bikini contest. The Koh Phangan island is the place to be with the crowds arriving over 2weeks before New Year’s Eve itself. The actual New Years Eve party is a riot, the island is jam packed with a wide selection of clubs and beach parties to suit your need.

Goa, India


Every December, tourists and backpackers from across the globe arrive at the quaint beaches of Goa to welcome the New Year. With it’s inherent Portuguese influences, Goa is laid back and has a handful of interesting beaches to explore. Goa hosts Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, Sunburn, for a couple of days just the big eve. You will find an eclectic mix of people to lose yourself in. And don’t forget to try the locally brewed fenny!

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is renowned for its Grand beach parties and first class entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

‘One Night of Pacha’ on New Year’s Eve takes place at the famous Pacha Ibiza and continues into New Year’s Day and ongoing celebrations at the beach.


5 luxury hotels in Goa where you can experience ‘jannat’

Goa has some high-class hotels which can bring out that best sigh from your lips. Of course, their tariffs can make you pee in your pant. But the trick is to either look for discounts under Goa packages or to plan your trip during the rainy months (June-September) when the tourist count is low and the hotel rates plunge.

Anyway, you decide how you will manage your finance. We will, meanwhile, take you along on a very brief virtual stroll at 5 of Goa’s most luxurious hotels:

Taj Vivanta Holiday Village: This hotel’s biggest USP is that it enjoys a good location in north Goa. Baga Beach and Anjuna Beach are less than 30 minutes away. The hotel has a pool and a bar and is considered ideal for family holidays. Price pinch will be around $175-250 (depending on the season).


The Leela Kempinski: Nestled around a private beach, this resort in south Goa offers you a golf course, swimming pool, casino, spa and some exciting water sports. With fascinating views and services, the Leela Kempinski is just ‘wow. But you must be ready to shell out anything between $200 and $330.

The Leela Kempinski

Taj Exotica: It is quite similar to The Leela Kempinski in terms of facilities, services and tariffs. It is situated in South Goa as well, perched around the Varca Beach, a favorite corner of the quintessential recluse. Pool, spa, nightlife and golf course are what you get to feast on. Tariffs will hover between $220 and $330.


Park Hyatt Resort and Spa: If you wish to prioritize the ‘spa’ factor, then this resort is the one to head to. Situated over South Goa’s Arossim Beach, Park Hyatt is another luxurious property with a great spa, pool, beach sports and other expected facilities. The rates will be somewhere in the region of $200-250. But you can extract some discounts with cheap Goa packages.

Park Hyatt Resort and Spa

The Intercontinental, Lalit: At Patnem Beach, it is cut off from North Goa completely and may not have the best location. But for someone looking for isolation, a quiet holiday, the delights of spa, pool, casino and golf, and to admire a Portuguese architecture, this one is perfect. It is also tariff-friendly at $180.

The Intercontinental-Lalit

How to reach Goa from Delhi: Daily flights are available, but you can also catch a train if you don’t mind the hassles of IRCTC.

What to bring back from Bangkok: Some popular mementos everyone buys

Bangkok has markets which deserve to be trodden and the city has malls which must be visited. In any case, female travelers are going to visit these places anyhow, no matter what you say! So, a lot of shopping should be on cards. And since Bangkok sells almost everything, you can bring back whatever you want and whatever you like (except for a local Thai girl, of course).

Thai silk is a famous product and those of you who love fabrics should shop for them. It serves as a useful and great memento. Besides, Thai silk is quite cheap and has a remarkable quality.


You can also carry back a suit or a tailored shirt, for that matter. It is the best gift you can bring for a male relative or friend back in India. If you love branded products, then you can hunt down almost every available brand in the swanky retail outlets at Bangkok’s malls. Bangkok holiday packages would put you on a shopping spree, literally. So, bringing back a Gucci watch or a branded bag won’t be a bad idea.

handicrafts of Thailand

You can also opt for handicrafts which are made by poor villagers. You can get them at the Grand Palace, which is one of the biggest attractions of Bangkok.

Then there are some spa products which you may be interested in buying, unless you are a male or one of those weird females who is not interested in beauty products. (By the way, in the process, also indulge in a spa session. It would be a great experience and is not that expensive you know).

You can also buy a figure of laughing Buddha or other similar souvenirs. But if you are picking them up from roadside stalls, then do remember to bargain hard (really hard as if your life depends on it).

And for cheap Bangkok tour packages, just keep an eye on this space!