Sydney Opera House

Australia has a lot to offer to any visitor. Good shopping destinations, scenic beauty, adventure sports are some of the things that makes Australia a hot tourist destination. Sydney is one of the cities that you should make a point to visit. And if you are visiting Sydney, the Sydney Tourism department always recommends that you don’t miss out on visiting the Sydney Opera House.

Touring the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House was designed by a Danish architect, Jorn Utzon around 50 years ago. The tour conducted through the Opera House is covered in Australia tour packages. A guide will take you around and explain the different sections. You will be taken through the various halls and rooms. There are 1000 rooms and 300 corridors in the Opera House. More than 1600 performances take place in the theatre throughout the year. Shakespearean theatre, classical music concert and other popular forms of art are showcased here as well. When you come here with your tour group, you can also book a show.

Backstage Tour of the Opera House

The backstage tours will reveal to you what goes on behind the stages. You can get to know the different secrets, tricks and tales of the industry from the guide who steers you through the tour. This is usually not included in the Australia tour packages.

The Sydney Tourism office will give you all the needed information for the tour although you will have to buy the tickets from the Sydney Opera House. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity as you can trace the footprints of Ella Fitzgerald, Pavarotti and others stalwarts here!