Cheapest Bars In Bangkok: Drink, Dance And Make Out

Bangkok has some expensive bars, some very expensive bars and some cheap bars. But if you are looking for the cheapest bars, then you won’t have to search far and wide. One of the names which easily come to mind is that of Cheap Charlie’s.

Cheap Charlie’s is a bar which seems to have been made in an hour by putting together certain trashy wood from the attic. Yet, it offers an ambience which is unique and thrilling in its own way. Far from being posh or sophisticated, this place is actually anti-posh and anti-sophisticated. Even its bathroom will leave you with a nervous smile, yet fill you up with an experience which you wouldn’t want to take in the first place, but wouldn’t regret once you have taken it. The chief reason why locals gather here is the cheapness of the beers. For a foreign tourist, the place has multiple lures.

Your Bangkok nightlife tours may also take you to Molly’s Bar. It is another cheap bar where the ambience is very laidback and quaint (almost medieval). Do not expect upgraded couches and AC rooms! It is a place which has the colonial fragrance to it and the noisy atmosphere is pretty much like that dancing scene in Titanic where Kate Winslet stood up right on her toe.

Molly’s Bar Bangkok

Old Leng is another cheap bar which looks like some notorious den and where signboards blur out as folk music fades amidst laughter and shouts. It is extremely famous for the Sangsom whiskey and also a great place to hang out with a crush.

However, before you opt for any woman or for any alcoholic drink, do go through all the Bangkok night life tips which are plastered on the internet. If you need more info on the bars of Bangkok, then a tour guide will be helpful.

Bangkok for foodies: 5 must-eat dishes when you’re in Bangkok

Bangkok has always satisfied the digestive tracks of every tourist who has stepped onto this city. Bangkok nightlife is teeming with restaurants and hotels where food makes itself heard over the din of the crowd and the ever-flowing musical trumpets. For food-lovers like you, here are 5 must-eat dishes you must must must try during your Thai trip:

i.    Tom Yum Goong: It is a shrimp soup which has a blend of a number of things. Like many of Thai dishes, this one too is full of spice. It is one of those dishes which can be easily accommodated inside your belly even if you are totally full. Delectable and charming, it is a must-try!

ii.    Tom Kha Kai: This dish, in quintessence, is chicken submerged in a bowl of coconut soup. But there are plenty of other ingredients which make your jaws drop and tongues roll out in sheer delight, when its aroma attacks your nostrils. Try it out, and you won’t be complaining!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

iii.    Pad Thai: Anyone who is exploring nightlife in Bangkok just cannot get away without having a go at Pad Thai! It is the king of dishes and extremely popular local noodle. ‘It is delicious’ would be an understatement!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

iv.    Khao Pad: The country’s chefs have a special mastery over making mashup dishes. And Khao Pad is another great production of Bangkok. Its easiest definition would be a ‘type of fried rice’. Try it out and you would be shivering in bliss!

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

v.    Gaeng Keow Wan Kai: With chicken, egg, bamboo, basil and coriander as its ingredients, you can be sure that your tongue would be in good company. Sinful in taste and rapturous in looks, this dish would be a gastronomical joy!

Top 5 NightSpots in Bangkok

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, not just regales you during the day but also leaves you spellbound at night. If you happen to be a nocturnal junkie, then Bangkok nightlife will surely leave you waltzing and romancing. There are quite a few great corners in the city where the night shines in its resplendent decors.

Here are 5 great nightspots in the city. You will love every second of your stay at these places:

i.    Night cruise on Chao Praya River: One of the most ethereal things to do at night in Bangkok is to board the cruise on the famed Chao Praya River. Apart from eyeballing the cluster of historic and lavish attractions that line the shores, you will also be a participant of some really mouth-watering cuisines.

ii.    Bangkok Ladyboy Shows: Attending one of these shows is a pure ecstasy for any male tourist. The women keep you rooted to your seat with their over-the-top costumes and cheesy smiles, not to forget the mesmeric performances. A night spent with such company will be one to remember.

iii.    Route 66: If you are looking for a night club, then do check out ‘Route 66’ which has excellent ambience, rocking music and great bars.

iv.    Glow: ‘Glow’ is another happening club where the smart DJs churn out the right kind of music to keep you grooving. Great drinks and remarkable lights give this place a huge lift.

v.    Q Bar: You haven’t witnessed the true Bangkok nightlife if you haven’t visited ‘Q Bar’, often considered as the best club in the town. Apart from every other good thing, it is spacious and has a comfortable lounge and terrace.