Best Beaches of Kerala

Kerala, most popularly referred to as ‘God’s own country’, has been lucky enough to receive the most lovely of bounties that nature can bestow. A little paradise of its own, this state mesmerizes the world with its scenic beauty, culture, and magical ambience. The ever tantalizing backwaters of Kerala bonds your soul with its tranquilizing nature. Kerala is also famous for its traditional south Indian cuisine and exotic beaches.

Choosing Kerala as your holiday destination is the easy bit, more difficult is deciding which tourist places to visit in Kerala exactly you would want to see.- its luscious green coconut groves, relaxing beaches, pleasant weather or majestic backwaters. When the idea is to enjoy a trip soaked in relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment, this many beaches in Kerala come out on tops.

Exotic and sun kissed beaches enhance the beauty of this state. The beaches mesmerize tourists by their long stretches of gleaming golden sand, extensive rows of tall palm trees, clear skies and crystal clear waters which pamper your senses and are soothing to the eyes. Some of the best beaches in Kerala that have attracted tourists from around the world are: Kozhikode beach, which is popular for its magical sunset scenery; Bekal Beach, which presents a beautiful view of the Bekal fort sunk in scenic beauty; Varkala Beach, which is famous for its rocky cliffs and mineral springs; Kovalam Beach, which gifts the tourist a divine experience and Payyambalam Beach, which has a colorful garden attached to it and the essence of folk music that enhances the beauty of the beach.