Early Morning Activities in Gorgeous Goa

Housed magnificently on the western coast of India is a stunning city-state that goes by the name of Goa. The pristine sandy beaches, bewitching locales, and breathtaking natural splendor attract thousands of tourists to this mystical haven. The Goa tourism guide or information enables tourists to pen down a list of attractions that are worth exploring, and also clear out any query a tourist may have regarding this little haven. Goa offers a herd of fun activities that a tourist must try, some of which are worth checking out at early mornings. These early morning activities include:

Watching Sunrise: If you want to treat your eyes with a stunning, magical view, than head over to the town of Siolim in North Goa. Stand on the bridge over the River Chapora, and bear witness to a jaw-dropping site of sun rise. The red-orange color that flickers through the horizon marks the rising of the sun, and the magic behind the rising of the sun can only be felt in Goa.

Sunrise Keri Beach Goa

Swimming:  An ideal way to start your morning in the magical Goa is by taking a plunge in one of the enticing beaches.  The most popular beach, that is, the Baga Beach in North Goa quickly gets covered with cheerful swimmers and kids. So better head off early to take an uninterrupted long dip in the refreshing waters of the sandy beach.

Swimming in Goa

Fishing: Fishing in Goa is another popular morning activity. An early morning fishing trip to the seas is an ideal time to catch large delicious fishes. Many local tour operators organize fishing expeditions at different time of the day in the city.

Fishing in Goa

Bird Watching: Goa is a natural habitat for many species of birds. Spend your early morning hours beside one of the Goan Rivers, and bear witness to varied unusual species of eye-catching birds.  For sea birds head over to the Morjim beach.

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5 Luxury Trips You Can Afford: From Barbados To Maldives

Luxury trips may appear something which is not meant for you. But in today’s internet-driven era, a luxury is not necessarily expensive. There are cheap tour packages which are conjured up at the drop of a hat. As long as you are willing to travel, and capable of paying a modest sum, you can reach out to destinations which you thought were out of your reach.

Here are 5 luxury trips which you can really afford:

Istanbul: Istanbul is not a bad place. Its history, ruins, landscape and bazaars will offer you a different kind of a paradise. Besides, since it is not amongst the most sought-after destinations, it is hugely cheap. You can stay at the best of hotels and still walk out with your wallet nearly full. Istanbul is also a great place if you wish to explore a foreign culture.

Cruise ship and Seabus in Istanbul

Barbados: Barbados may be far away but it is a luxury trip which you can surely afford. The flight tariffs are moderate, the hotel rates are manageable and the sightseeing and meal expenses are quite low. Barbados trip will give you that mesmeric and memorable experience which every sea-lover yearns for.

Thailand: Thailand is quite cheap because it is a tourist-friendly country. Most of its attractions and water sports are cheaper than you would have bargained for. The cost of traveling and accommodation is also relatively low. Cheap holiday packages to Thailand are easy to find online.

Ayutthaya Thailand

Singapore: Going to Singapore will give you the chance to say hello to beaches and to explore the myriad attractions. From Jurong Bird Park to Underwater World to Chinatown, Singapore has got everything. Oh, and the packages are really affordable!

singapore flyer

Maldives: Just head to Maldives for that great feeling (of being in a tropical paradise). The experience of mingling with the turquoise sea and flirting with underwater creatures would leave you shaken, stirred and satisfied. World tour packages often include Maldives for the economy it comes with.