Dubai In 5 Days: For Those With A Low Bank Balance

Dubai is one of a kind destination, and one which you dare not miss out on! You may feel that your bank balance is not hefty enough to allow you the luxury of a Dubai trip! But who is asking you to stay at Burj Al Arab (which, by the way, happens to be the only 7-star hotel in the world)! Who is asking you to buy a plot at Palm Island (which, by the way, is an artificial island shaped like the leaf of a palm tree)! Who is asking you to spend a month on the exotic beach of Jumeirah (which, by the way, is impeccably landscaped and has top resorts and even a water park perched over it)!


With Dubai holiday packages (which you are so entitled to buy albeit at your own expenses), it is possible to spend a few days for a very modest amount. In fact, if you fear the amount of money you may spend over the lure of this holiday, then you can just spend 5 days and still check out all the major attractions of the destination! Just in case you still fear the extra expenses which your wife and children may account for (once they set their eyes on those huge malls), you better keep those spots at bay! But then it would be a sin on your part to keep your shopping-loving wife bereft of the thrills of seeing Dubai Mall (the largest mall in the world) and your children of enjoying Indoor Skiing at the Mall of the Emirates (the must-visit attraction of Dubai).



Amongst some other must-visit attractions and spots that you should cover in your 5-day trip, the ones we recommend (and everybody recommends) are:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Gold Souk
  • Wild Wadi Park
  • Desert Safari


There are plenty of other attractions which you can cover easily by opting for Dubai packages from Delhi India. You will save money and enjoy to the fullest. Yes, it is the truth! There is no loophole in the statement. God promise!