Things to do in Lucerne and Geneva

Whenever you ask a girl about her dream honeymoon destination, most of the times, the instantaneous reply is Switzerland! Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich etc. are not only naturally picturesque, but they are also replete with historical and religious architectures that will stun you.

Sightseeing in Geneva

Geneva has the second highest population in Switzerland. There are a number of monuments and sites in the city that the Geneva Tourism department recommends you to witness.

  • St. Pierre Cathedral- It is a part of the Swiss Reformed Church in Geneva and was constructed in the 12th Century. A recent excavation has revealed that the premise was developed by the Roman Empire.
  • Jet d’Eau- Touted as the world’s highest fountain, it shoots up water up to 140 metres at a speed of 200kmph. At a go, close to 500 litres of water is thrown up. The best time to visit is in the evening when it is lighted.
  • Place de Neuve houses three halls- the Grand Hall or Opera House, Rath Museum and Conservatory of music.

Touring Lucerne

Lucerne has a lot to see and do as well. The Lucerne Tourism sightseeing list includes:

  • Chapel Bridge on the River Reuss: It has a water tower too which adds to its beauty.
  • The Lion of Lucerne: This is a monument made to commemorate those soldiers who lost their lives in the French Revolution.
  • The mountain Pilatus, 15km south of Lucerne: Climbing the mountain is a popular excursion.  You need to descend by way of cog railway, cable car and gondola. The bookings can be done through the Lucerne Tourism office.

These sights and landscapes are breath- taking and are sure to make you fall in love with Switzerland!