Best time to visit Goa: When should you visit India’s beach capital?

Goa is one of the best holiday spots in India and also makes foreign tourists sit up and take notice of its colorful persona and exotic beaches. Its laidback lifestyle, a touché of history and excellent nightlife have spiraled its popularity to peerless heights. Goa is also one of those destinations which are neither too hot nor too cold. So, you can plan a Goa trip round the year and you are sure to have a blissful and hassle-free holiday.

However, the best time to visit Goa would be during the autumn-spring season of October-March. The crowd count really goes up during this time and the entire state seems to overflow with tourists from disparate cultures. The beaches too offer the best ambience during this time. There is a huge rush during the week starting from Christmas and leading up to the New Year. Since, Goa is renowned for its winter festivities and carnivals, you cannot get a much more vibrant atmosphere in India than in its beach capital. Plus, since the state is a treasure house for some of the most captivating churches, it can be a unique experience to celebrate your Christmas in this part of the world. The only flipside is that the demand just hits the roof at this time. So, the hotel tariffs shoot up and it can still be tough to find a room.

Advance booking is strongly recommended if you are planning a trip during December or January. Just in case, you wish to plan a budget holiday (with cheaper flight and hotel bookings) and want to escape the crowd, then the off-season between May-August would be your best time to visit Goa.