New Year 2013 Resolutions – Travel Resolutions for 2013

The New Year with its routine life, everyday work, same colleagues/friends/family, and unchanged daily travel route may already start to appear not too new after all!  The one thing that we insist you do this year is that you travel to destinations that offer experiences and moments that go beyond the touristy realm. By this we mean that while you already falling short of fulfilling ordinary New Year resolutions you can make the more specific New Year Travel Resolutions (and stick to them). These will ensure that you not only travel but that you do so differently than you have done in the past.

1. Fly solo

While travelling with a partner or in groups is the obvious way to travel how about straying off the beaten track and travelling alone?! Decide on the destination, plan the itinerary, check the must-do things in the area, book the tickets and go away. Discover the place, befriend the locals and in the process learn and discover things about yourself. Sounds like a good plan, no?

2. Go on a road trip

You can never have one too many road trips! The areas and vistas of India are definitely beautiful enough to get you to want to travel by road. Be it to Goa or to Rajasthan or within Sikkim or even from Srinagar to Leh, there are many road trip routes for you to choose from. While the roads may disappoint from time-to-time, the delectable foods at the roadside dhabas more than make up for it.

3. Go adventurous!

Don’t choose destinations to see this year, choose the adventure you want to live. It could be an adventure sports getaway, a culinary escapade, a wine/drinks binge spree or a strictly no-phone/tablet holiday. You can choose the pristine waters of the shiny beach or the dizzying heights of the Alps/mountains. Choose your adventure and live it in 2013.

4. Be open to ideas

What’s the point of travel if you are not open to experiences and if you are not willing to go the extra mile and step out of your comfort zone!? So, do as the Romans or Greeks or Sri Lankas do. Partake in the local culture, live the local life. Don’t just travel, live another life!

You must ensure that even though you don’t live up to your general resolutions this New Year, you do live your New Year travel resolutions. Really, it can’t be that difficult to do one if not all things mentioned here now, can it?

What about your New Year’s resolutions? Happy New Year!!!