Kerala packages: Top 4 wildlife parks in Kerala

Kerala tourism is noted not just for its backwaters and beaches, but also for its rich collection of flora and fauna. Tourists who venture out to Kerala usually end up sauntering into its wildlife parks which house some of the most stunning creatures that man has set his eyes on.

Here is a look at some top wildlife parks you can visit under Kerala tour packages:

Eravikulam National Park: Verdant hills crowned by domineering peaks and punctuated beautifully by waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park is your ticket to paradise! Its scenic beauty aside, this place also sets up your rendezvous with an assortment of animals including the tuskers (elephants) and the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

Periyar National Park: Periyar National Park gives you that thrilling chance to head for a tiger trail. It is also a very picturesque place with stunning lakes and sky-kissing trees. Life indeed seems to come to a standstill at this park. The birds keep blabbering in chorus which is music to the ears!

Parabikulam National Park: Parabikulam National Park is quintessentially the abode of creatures. Right from the giant crocodiles to the waltzing peacocks to the musing herds of deer to the creepy snakes, the park houses a diverse range of beasts and birds.

Silent Valley National Park: Kerala tourism has received increasing number of plaudits for promoting this place which, true to its name, is a tranquil heaven. The eerie silence is occasionally disturbed by a cry of a bird or the scream of a cricket! The refulgent waterfalls and landscaped milieu add to the place’s romantic ambience.

The best Beaches in Kerala

Kerala, one of the most hypnotic states in the world, is bejeweled with lagoons, lakes and, of course, beaches. Since, it shares it neighborhood with the Indian Ocean, the state boasts of a number of exotic beaches which are a heady mix of green and blue!

Kerala tourism has always enjoyed a high reputation which keeps growing as it rides on the ever-scaling popularity of these 5 beaches:

i.    Kovalam Beach: With the sun-kissed golden-blue waters making their presence felt under your feet and with the tall palm trees swooning wildly in the mild breeze, Kovalam Beach is the best beach in Kerala. Most Kerala tour packages make sure that the tourists get to spend a few memorable hours on this heavenly shore line!

ii.    Varkala Beach: A pleasant fusion of rock and sun, this beach takes the cherry when it comes to the most photogenic beach of Kerala. The place is enveloped by a number of attractions including temples in the vicinity. The beach has made it to the posters of a number of advertisements promoting Kerala tourism.

iii.    Payyambalam Beach: This is one beach which will transport you into the bygone times. Its tranquility and nostalgic romance will creep into your veins and travel within your memories till the rest of your life.

iv.    Kozhikode Beach: Kozhikode Beach stands out for its exuberant sunsets and for its historical significance. It is also noted for being the site of landing by Vasco Da Gama.

v.    Bekal Beach: If you are itching for solace, then Bekal Beach, under the Kerala tour packages, is the ultimate place of quiet, seclusion, serenity and romance. It is also studded with a historic fort which adds another feather to its heavily-laden cap.