Maldives honeymoon for vegetarian couple: Make love amidst leaves

Who said that vegetarians cannot survive in Maldives? Yes, it is true that the fish is the top dish on any menu, but there are plenty of vegetarian dishes as well! Besides, the island is a heavily frequented destination. There are many tourists (some even from western continents) who follow a leafy diet! So, most restaurants and hotels have something which is not meat and bone!

If you are a honeymooning couple, then you can check out some local restaurants where you can find dishes of your kind. The curry is one delicious thing which is meant for an herbivore and is definitely a must-have! Besides, most restaurant owners are amiable and compliant to the customer’s requests! If you insist on something of your custom choice, they may prepare it for you! Even at your hotel, the staffs will be ready with their services.


Maldives honeymoon packages usually put you in luxurious resorts where the restaurants do have good vegetarian dishes.

In case you are looking for an Indian restaurant, then the one that is very popular is Symphony! It is situated in the capital Male and has a number of vegetarian Indian dishes. Plus, its prices are reasonable and the décor is quite soothing. It stays open from 11 am till midnight on each day, excepting Friday (6 pm- midnight).

If you scour the internet, then you will find how the vegetarian tourists have happily approved of the cuisines available for them. I recently read an article where I learnt that a purely veg person has toured the country seven times and had nothing to complain about.


Of course, if you don’t eat seafood, then you do miss out on something really good! Maldives’ cuisines are definitely dominated by fishes, crabs and prawns. But that does not mean that leaves don’t grow in that region. So, herbivore or carnivore, you can put up a smile and start going through those yummy Maldives tour packages. Now, show me some excitement!