Where to find Penguins in New Zealand

Penguins are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? Their manners and habits are unparalleled, not to mention their cuteness. Penguins are found in the southern half of the world. You can see penguins in the Antarctic, South Africa and most popularly in New Zealand.

There are three different kinds of penguins in New Zealand. They are bred by the ecological departments of the country. New Zealand Tourism Department allows New Zealand Visa holders to visit the national parks to observe and mingle with the penguins.

Kinds of penguins found

New Zealand has three kinds of penguins- the little blue penguins or the Korora, the Hoiko or the yellow eyed penguins and the Fiordland Crested penguins.

The Kororas are the world’s smallest penguins and they come out at night. You can see them wade by the shore.

The Hoikos have a bright yellow band around their eyes. They have been termed to be endangered because of the loss in their habitat. Farmlands, introduction of predators and poor breeding in recent times have led to their dwindled numbers.

The Fiodland Crested Penguins or Tawaki make their nest deep in rainforests.

Where to find them?

For penguin lovers, there are a number of places that the New Zealand Tourism Department have marked for observing penguins.

The Korora breed can be found in the Marlborough Sounds, Akaroa Harbour Stewart Island and Oamaru. You need to visit at night to see them.

The Hoiko type is found in the Otago peninsula, south of Dunedin, just along the South Otago Coast.

Lastly, the Tawaki class can be found in the rainforests of Stewart Islands and Fiordland.

So what makes you wait? Apply for your New Zealand Visa and be off to play with the cute penguins!


New Zealand Tourism – North Island Tour

Haven’t you always wanted to trace the stunning Lord of the Rings route? North Island in New Zealand is home to some of the most diverse, and scenic landscapes on earth. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich Maori culture, or enjoy a spa experience at one of the geothermal sites of the country, North Island won’t disappoint. New Zealand holiday packages can be customized to your interests, and there is something for everyone in this beautiful country.

Begin your journey in Auckland, the country’s largest city that always buzzes with activity. Visit the Auckland museum and enjoy some retail therapy, because Auckland is a shopper’s heaven. Stop by at Parnell village for some original Kiwi art. Visit one of Auckland’s wine districts and sample some world-class vino while you take in the excellent views of hills and the sea.

The Waikato region is for all you hiking enthusiasts, and you can even climb a volcano on the Karloi Summit Track. Satisfy your “Lord of the Rings” hunger with a visit to Matamata, the home of the hobbits. A guided tour of Hobbiton is a great option for all LOTR fans.

As a next stop, head to the Rotorua region with its geysers and its craters of boiling mud. A must-try is the Hangi feast cooked the traditional Maori way. Pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment at one of the excellent spas in the area. Some other Rotorua attractions that entice travelers are the excellent mountain biking circuits and the skydiving and zorbing activities.

Stroll along Lake Taupo, and while you’re there, take a boat cruise along the Western Bays. Trek through the Kalmanawa Forest Park and watch out for some rare fauna like the blue duck. Finally explore the nation’s capital, Wellington. Walk along the Wellington Waterfront, and make sure you visit Bree and Minas Tirith.

The North Island is a great place explore by yourself, so if you can drive along this circuit, it will be well worth your time.

This article is designed to provide New Zealand tourism information. Contact me if you have any queries about this content.