My bachelor’s party in Pattaya

I had heard a lot about nightlife in Pattaya but had never experienced it until last month when I finally headed to this destination. Thailand has always lured Indians since it is quite close by and is perhaps the cheapest foreign destination which is there to be had. Besides, with cities like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya amongst others, who needs any other place in the world? Pattaya, true to its notorious reputation, lived up to the billing. I was hoping to have a full-on blast with my gang of friends without any curb on the number of glasses drowned or on the time spent outside after midnight. Since most of us are about to get married off, it was also one last hurrah for us bachelors who have been on many Indian trips and excursions together.


The immediate image which comes to mind when one thinks of Pattaya is Walking Street after dusk. This place is the real hub for the party animals. If you are a freak who revels in the neon lights and sound of music, you better be at Walking Street for your Pattaya nightlife. The zing, the ambiance and the crowd will have you swooned. Plus, sex sells like anything out here. There are strip clubs where you can just go and have your glass of alcohol while hot girls will strip live on stage before your very eyes, dressing down to their itsy bitsy lingerie. Though, me and my friends didn’t wish to get embroiled with the sex girls, despite the natural temptation, I am sure that they do not have any dearth of clients. So, unless you know how to control your urges, you may just find yourself in a very hot bed. But a note of caution which I would like to float out is that Pattaya’s girls are not safe to get laid with. Cases of HIV have been rampant and it’s no secret that many of these girls carry STDs. So, better stay out of the real stuff and just drink, party and have fun.


Bachelor parties can also be organized on the beach. On a certain evening I remember, we just decided to spend the entire night on the beach. It was really awesome though it was turning a bit nippy by around midnight and we decided to head back to the warm comforts of our hotels. Next, I may revisit the city albeit with my wife. I have found myself browsing the net for Pattaya honeymoon packages for the last few days.


5 clubs to party at in Pattaya

Nightlife is entertainment at the end of the day, when all the work of the day and the tight schedule has come to a halt, it’s time for some relaxation, food and some dancing on the floor.

Pattaya, a city in Thailand. It can be called a party town. Wide array of night clubs, bars, discotheques and lounges to choose from. Most of these posh, famous and friendly night clubs are located in the Walking street in Pattaya. Get there and explore the rocking Pattaya nightlife.

Walking Street Club – One the famous night clubs on Walking street and also in Pattaya offering the best services. The crowd is a blend of Western and Thai.  Watch out, for this is a strict non-smoking place.

Insomina Club – Dance the night away, all night long and there is no one to stop you. Young crowd, live music, and dance like no tomorrow. The Deejay plays the best club music and you can get you feet tapping.

Mix Discotheque – It is the best designed night club. This disco night club has something for all the foreigners. If you’re a music lover of house music, RNB and hip-hop then this is the best place for you. However, it might be a little expensive.

Marine Disco Club – This is considered one of the best night clubs in Pattaya. One of the oldest night clubs exhibiting an electrifying ambience and an awesome atmosphere to spend the night out.

Differ Night Club – The most popular pub in the whole of Pattaya. Open your ears to some Thai music and exquisite food. This night club is one of a kind, get here to know it.

5 popular NightClubs in Pattaya

Pattaya, in Thailand, is a wonderfully beautiful city with some of the most stunning beaches and adrenaline-pumping water sports. But the city also hits the bull’s eye with its scorching nightlife that never gives you a dull moment. So, after the sun bids goodbye to the clouds, all you need to do is to saunter over to one of these nightspots and bask in the glory of Pattaya nightlife.

Here are the top 5 night clubs in Pattaya:

i.    Lucifer Night Club: It is one of the most popular clubs in the town and has an unworldly feel with its tainted glasses, ostentatious décor and blinding neon lights. A great place to party, dance, drink and get loose!

ii.    Mixx Club: Nestled on the Bali Hai Plaza Mall, the ‘Mixx Club’ receives huge number of footfalls from both local and offshore tourists. It is another hot n happening place where music flows in sync with the mood, and visitors just get transported to a completely refreshing world.

iii.    Marine Club: Once considered a purely girls’ club, now it is visited by both women and men in large numbers. Its USP lies its exclusive music and some really foot-tapping numbers.

iv.    Insomnia: If you are an insomniac or if you wish to become one, then the famed ‘Insomnia’ nightclub is the place to head to. Its vibrancy and liveliness will have an infectious effect over you. A wonderful and memorable experience!

v.    The Xzyte Music: If you wish to explore Pattaya nightlife in a very traditional style, then ‘The Xzyte Music’ is a must-visit place. The club is noted for its unique music, live performances and dance exhibitions which have that quintessential Thai touch.