Visiting Goa In Winter Holidays For Kids: Best Way To Make Your Child Happy

Now that winter is not much far away, we thought it would be great to plan a holiday for you. If you haven’t been to Goa yet, then there is no better place than this state to spend your holiday. Your kids will be raring to go somewhere the moment their winter vacations begin. And Goa does have some amazing places and attractions to keep them completely satisfied (and the kids of today are not easy to satisfy, mind it).

There are several things to do in Goa for kids. The beaches are all awesome and offer a truck load of fun. Your children can run about, splash water, play football, build sand castles or enjoy sports like banana boating, speed boating, parasailing, wind surfing and the likes. Though Goa also offers snorkeling and scuba diving and a myriad other sports, if your kid is too small, then he or she may not be allowed to try some of them.


But, the kids of today love those malls which have swanky parlors and indoor gaming arenas. You can do bowling in Goa; you can even take part in some dancing sessions or you can go go-karting in south Goa.

Wildlife is another option which you can happily explore. Children never get tired of animals. And Goa has 4-5 wildlife sanctuaries including Salim Ali Bird Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.


There are forts where your children will feel so liberated (like a runaway pirate who has spotted some hidden treasure) and there are markets which your child would love if it is a female (age doesn’t matter).

However, winter season is the most sought-after time to visit Goa. So, you must make all your bookings in advance. Be ready to shell out extra tariffs. However, special holiday packages should offer some reprieve.

Goa for wildlife lovers: 3 parks to visit for a close encounter with the wild

The beaches of Goa may have stolen the limelight, but this state is also a reserve of some top-class wildlife parks. If you are a wildlife lover, then here are some recommended corners for you:

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary: This park is counted amongst the best places to visit in Goa. The collection of animals is bound to please your eyes. There are the innocuous deer (varieties include spotted deer, barking, mouse deer) and the not-so-innocuous panthers & leopards. Tigers do not socialize much with tourists, but if you are lucky, you may just run into one. But they like to stay at a safe distance. So, do not go cuddling them! The place is also home to several happily slithering snakes especially the cobra. So, if you are lucky, then you may find one running up over your trousers.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Bondla is very small (just 8 sq km) but immensely popular sanctuary. Families love to spend a day in this corner surrounded by a stimulating collection of animals, ranging from boars to porcupines to leopards to deer. Elephants are friendly and you can enjoy rides on them. There are many scintillating and sexy birds as well. But you must not ruffle their feathers.

Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary: Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary is also one of the most recommended places to visit in Goa. Birds, bees, snakes and cats- what more could you ask from life! Butterflies hover around everywhere! And there are some snakes which will surely give you an orgasmic rush. They may appear friendly from a distance, but never try to send them Facebook requests! And in case, you annoy them by stepping into their territories, make sure to hiss and make up!