Where to eat when in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, south India, is surely recognized for its lavish gardens. But when it comes to lavishness, its cuisines do not like to lag behind. If you are an incorrigibly hungry tourist, then there are several restaurants and eateries where your bellies and jaws would love to call the shot.
Here is a quick look:

i.    Jamavar: Jamavar has grabbed headlines for its matchless ambience, an excellent lineup of cuisines and some arousing hard drinks. Its lobsters and curries would instantly bring that clichéd saliva to your mouth. For a luxurious and rich dinner, do hop over to this place at least once.
Biggest USP: Ambience, food

ii.    Samarkand: Samarkand is a restaurant which offers delectable food and its prices too are nominal. The waiters, however, have got something innovative up their sleeves with a quirky menu and quirkier albeit soothing ambience. The non-vegetarian foods like the chicken are proven tantalizers.
Biggest USP: Innovative styling, food, price

iii.    Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs: Having a tongue-twirling name and a colonial style of dining, this is one of the most happening places to visit in Bangalore for a foodie!  The cuisines range in a healthy variety and the biryani and kebabs would turn you into a gluttonous wolf.
Biggest USP: Colonial tradition

iv.    Koshys Bar & Restaurant: This place is noted more for its crowd than for its food, more for its disparate culture than for its diverse cuisines, and more for its conventional charms than for its nominal tariffs. From the head-scratching clueless youths to the hairless 50-plus politicians, this place has seen them all!
Biggest USP: Crowd, reputation, ambience