Top Ten Buys from Bali

The city of myriad cultures and house of deities, Bali plays host to thousands of tourists who flock here to breathe in the serene charm of the place. The spellbinding architectures and locales urge tourists to book lucrative packages for Bali every year. Bali has a unique collection of artifacts and handicrafts that will surely make its way into your boxes when you visit this city. The best ten purchases from this temple city are:

Wood Craving: Beautifully architecture wood carvings are seen adorning the houses and temples of Bali. The mythical stone and wood carvings placed outside the temples and houses are regarded as part of the Balinese culture. It is a must buy in Bali.

Wood Craving

Canvas: Canvas paintings have always been architecture’s favorite. The distinctive Balinese paintings reflect the Balinese take on modern culture while being attached to its root. It’s unique, and so is a must buy.

Batik: Inspired by Bali’s legends and myths, the batik, ikat and double ikat are one of the top sellers of the city. Various techniques of weaving are applied to produce spectacular colorful designs of cloth.

Batik Bali

Ceramics: Buy a variety of handmade ceramics that are crafted into unique shapes and glazes from special clays. This beautifully architecture ceramics are found in hotels, restaurants and houses across Asia.

Pets: If you are a pet lover then buy one from an exotic and unusual collection of birds, cats, dogs, and puppies from the Bird Market.

Jewellery: Bali has a great collection of exceptional rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories that cannot be found anywhere else.

Jewellery Bali

Clothes: Buy from the unusual clothing line that will set you apart from the commoners.

Masks: The Balinese masks are handmade, and shaped and colored into different figures.

Furniture: If you want to renovate your house then decorate your house with the exclusive Balinese furniture.

Pottery: Buy from a wide variety of potteries, shaped, molded, and colored into different forms.

Bali is a jewel for shopaholics. So without any further adieu, book Bali packages from India today, and fill your boxes with the unique Balinese collection.