Singapore on foot: Temples, souvenirs and durians for your itching feet

When you are in Singapore, you may very well feel that you have been sucked into a sci-fic movie. Yes, the amount of technology and high-tech engineering which this city-cum-country has absorbed is astonishing. While you can check them all with one of the tour packages to Singapore or one of those easy-to-avail international honeymoon packages we keep throwing at you, the best way to check this destination out is to travel a bit by foot.

There will be some heat, no doubt. But if you hail from continental India, you will find it a piece of cheese. Travelers trickling in from cooler western nations find it a tad tough to negotiate the afternoon summer heat at the onset. But soon, they get accustomed to the weather and become a part of this fiery city. Globetrotters enjoy running through different attractions on foot. Chinatown, for instance, is a place that fascinates; a perfect amalgamation of old and new. At the same time, the corner is a relish-worthy place for any shopper or eater. To be fair, Chinatown has multiple personalities. It will remind you of history with its heritage landmarks and will also tug at your spiritual side through its age-old temples. The eateries are mostly roadside-built and are hence easy on the tongue (and on the pockets).

Indian Temple Singapore

It is hard to turn a few corners in Singapore without coming face to face with a well-designed maverick-looking temple. The bazaars add a different spice to the culture, making this luxury-looking destination seem so simple and primitive all of a sudden.

Souvenirs need to be carefully handpicked to get the best deals and the highest quality. So, exploring the markets by foot seems the better option on any day. The local fruits will toss some unexpected surprises at you. One fruit you must try is the durian. Some travelers call it a skunk in their traveling parlance because of the disgusting smell which this lime-colored fruit radiates in all its abundance. Be a bit careful while shopping for them since they are not permitted in most of the public transports.

Chinatown Singapore

All in all, a true backpacker always makes sure to allot a day or two for exploring on foot. And Singapore is the best antiseptic for your itching feet.