Know about Thailand package with airfare and journey through South-East Asia

South-East Asia, in recent years, has emerged as the most appealing destination for Indians. This corner not only offers a slew of amazing countries but also puts lesser strain on your pockets. A journey through the countries of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia can be a fulfilling and happy experience. Thailand, for instance, is a country whose culture hasn’t got ravaged by modernity. The alluring bazaars, the omnipresent hospitality and that tendency to show respect to religion is still very much a part of the 21st century Thailand.

Snorkeling & Sea Canoeing in Krabi

Plus, Thailand offers you cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Krabi. Each of them has a story to tell; each story being different and almost as fascinating as the other. If Bangkok is the woman’s favorite shopping den, Pattaya is the beach bum’s getaway. At the beaches of Pattaya, you can roll over sand, go deep into the water with scuba diving or toss yourself up in the sky with parasailing. Chiang Mai brings you a bucket of history and religion while Krabi is an adventurer’s ultimate treasure. Phuket is a mix of everything and is another great place to spend a few days.


How to reach Thailand: The distance between India and Thailand is a shade under 3,000 km. It takes around 3 hours 45 minutes to reach the capital Bangkok from our capital New Delhi. A Thailand package with airfare included is now easy to grab at portal sites.

Once you are through Thailand, you can move on to Vietnam, another fabled land of history, culture and nature. This country which has seen the ugly years of war is now a top draw amongst the history-obsessed tourists. Attractions like Hanoi City, Halong Bay, Hoa Lu, Perfume River, Danang Beach, Mekong Delta and Dalat hill station offer a mixture of everything.


Cambodia is not far away and you can round up your trip with a brief visit to this historic country as well. Full of temples and shrines, Cambodia’s focal points of attractions include gems like Angkor Wat, Bayon, Angkor Thom, Preah Vihear Temple, Silver Pagoda and Wat Phnom. Kep National Park, Botum Sakor National Park, Independence Monument, Neak Pean and Cambodian Cultural Village and the rest make sure that there is no shortage of tourist points.

A guide to Thai cuisine: 3 dishes you must try in Thailand

Thailand is, no doubt, a wondrous country of exotic beaches and lavish malls. But if there’s one thing which a foodie truly appreciates then it’s the local cuisine. Thailand tourism has been riding high on the popularity of its cuisines which easily draw gluttons and foodaholics from all corners of the globe. With salt, spice, sugar and lemon making an eclectic mix, you won’t stop raving and ranting about the Thai cuisine after you return to your native country.

Thailand respects the taste buds of all kinds of travelers and tourists. So, you will easily find a cuisine which will suit your tongue and your digestive tracks. However, even if you are the most finicky eaters, you, for once, won’t mind forgetting your table manners and just sinking your teeth into the scrumptious spicy food which Thailand packages serve on your platter.

Some of the popular Thai cuisines you must try include the following:

i.    Pad Thai: It is a potpourri of noodles, onions and peanuts with a little helping from a number of spices and add-ons. It is one of the most popular dishes and it would really be a sin to miss out on it.

ii.    Curry: Thailand tourism has made oodles of money just by feeding its tourists with its countless varieties of curries. Red curry, green curry, Pehang curry, yellow curry, Massaman curry and khao soi curry- you will be spoilt for choice!

iii.    Tom Yum: Most restaurants that you visit under Thailand packages will be eager to serve you this local favorite soup christened as ‘Tom Yum’. An irresistible combination of spice and sour!