Bekal Fort, Kasaragod: How to reach, what to do and popular beaches nearby

Bekal Fort near Kasaragod is one of the most historic places to visit in Kerala. It is smeared with history and is noted for its Observation Tower. It is a popular tourist attraction and has been drawing visitors since 1992 when its gates were opened for tourism. The Bollywood flick ‘Bombay’ was shot here and it further accentuated the reputation of the fort as a must-see attraction.

How to reach Bekal Fort: Bekal Fort is snuggled in Kasaragod with barely 35 km separating it from the main town. It can be easily reached through any private vehicle from the city. The railway station which is nearest to the fort is the Kasaragod station while the nearby airports would be at Mangalore (50 km) and at the Karipur International Airport (200 km).


Things to do at Bekal Fort: Bekal Fort lies in the lap of nature and is the neighbor of some fabulous water bodies. The beach is located in the vicinity where one can get into a number of adventure sports. The fort itself is humongous and is sprawled over an area of 40 acres. It will take you a lot of time to explore the various facets of this attraction.


One of the USPs of the fort is its water-tank luring you with a flight of steps. It is a sheer delight to walk over it. Then there is the Observation Tower. It was perhaps used in the past to keep an eye on the movement of the enemies. Now, it serves as an excellent viewpoint for feeding your eyes on the beauty of the nearby towns and hamlets.


Beaches near Bekal Fort: Bekal Fort is clubbed under the most picturesque places to visit in Kerala not just for its history but also for its stupendous set of beaches. There are quite a few beaches within a range of a few kms. Here is a quick check:

  1. Bekal Fort Beach: It is the beach which is situated just beside the mammoth fort at a mere distance of 1 km. Thus, the imposing sight of the towering fort can be easily viewed from its shores. Even though the water is not very deep in this region, there are many amenities for unwinding and entertainment.
  2. Kappil Beach: It is one of the quietest beaches you will ever come across. Its solitude is its high point. However, with growing popularity, its tourist count is shooting up and is stripping it of some of its seclusion. It is situated at a distance of 6 km from the fort. It is very picturesque and has an embalming presence of tall palm trees on the shores.
  3. Kanwatheertha Beach: It is located at a distance of 3 km from Manjeswaram. It is slightly far from the Bekal Fort but can be visited while touring the area. Its central attraction is the pool-like structure which the ocean has conjured on the shore. It is really breathtaking and an enigma of nature.
  4. Pandiyan Kallu: It is a rocky area which is ideal for swimming. There are legendary tales associated with the place which makes it an interesting tourist corner.

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Best Beaches of Kerala

Kerala, most popularly referred to as ‘God’s own country’, has been lucky enough to receive the most lovely of bounties that nature can bestow. A little paradise of its own, this state mesmerizes the world with its scenic beauty, culture, and magical ambience. The ever tantalizing backwaters of Kerala bonds your soul with its tranquilizing nature. Kerala is also famous for its traditional south Indian cuisine and exotic beaches.

Choosing Kerala as your holiday destination is the easy bit, more difficult is deciding which tourist places to visit in Kerala exactly you would want to see.- its luscious green coconut groves, relaxing beaches, pleasant weather or majestic backwaters. When the idea is to enjoy a trip soaked in relaxation, tranquility and enjoyment, this many beaches in Kerala come out on tops.

Exotic and sun kissed beaches enhance the beauty of this state. The beaches mesmerize tourists by their long stretches of gleaming golden sand, extensive rows of tall palm trees, clear skies and crystal clear waters which pamper your senses and are soothing to the eyes. Some of the best beaches in Kerala that have attracted tourists from around the world are: Kozhikode beach, which is popular for its magical sunset scenery; Bekal Beach, which presents a beautiful view of the Bekal fort sunk in scenic beauty; Varkala Beach, which is famous for its rocky cliffs and mineral springs; Kovalam Beach, which gifts the tourist a divine experience and Payyambalam Beach, which has a colorful garden attached to it and the essence of folk music that enhances the beauty of the beach.