Hong Kong Disneyland – A Magic Land

Feeling tired, weary and old? What better way to rejuvenate your mind and soul than a trip to Disneyland? One of Disneyland’s newest locations is Hong Kong and this trip is definitely worth spending your money on.


Disneyland promises to deliver a magical experience with your favorite fairy tales coming to life. Whether you come with friends, family or your better half you can be sure you’ll go back with some wonderful memories. The theme park is divided into five sections, ToystoryLand, FantasyLand, TomorrowLand, AdventureLand, and Main Street U.S.A.


There are different types of passes to suit your needs. The writer would advise you to buy the 2 day pass priced. For children (below 12) and senior citizens, these are available at slightly concessional rates. HKDL has a lot of special events that happen throughout the year so try to book your passes around one of those events.


The first thing that you see when you enter the theme park is Main Street U.S.A. This section with its antique taxicabs, City Hall, and dim buildings, transports you back to the U.S.A of the early 20th century. Take a stroll around the quaint streets or travel in old fashioned vehicles. You can participate in one of the lively day parades or come back at night to watch some exciting fireworks.


If you feel like seeking some thrill and adventure, go on over to AdventureLand. Originally conceived by Walt Disney 50 years ago, it has been entirely revamped for the 21st century. Hippos, cobras, elephants and orangutans are waiting for you to begin your tropical journey. While here, don’t forget to watch a colorful pageant of music and dance in the live musical based on ‘The Lion King’. Visit Tarzan’s Island and get transported into the pages of this classic tale.

City Trams in Hong Kong

City Trams in Hong Kong

Fantasyland is where some of Disney’s most popular characters come to life. Shake a leg with Mickey Mouse, play Alice’s game of the mad tea cups, fly on Aladdin’s magical carpet or take some pictures with Minnie, Goofy or Pluto.

Next is Tomorrowland, where you can catch a glimpse of the future. Discover the thrill of space exploration as you ride through the indoor rollercoaster ride, battle aliens with Buzz Lightyear and interact with Lilo and Stitch.

I’m sure you won’t want your day to end but you can round it off by visiting the special section designed on the Toy Story movies.

Do make sure you pick up some souvenirs and sample some of the delicious Chinese and Asian cuisine at some of Disney’s restaurants. Each section has restaurants that offer both snacks and fully fledged meals centered on the theme. The Riverside Cafe at Adventureland offers some great Portuguese and is definitely worth trying. You can stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland hotel or the Hollywood hotel and come back the next day to watch some Broadway style live musicals.

This is the place where you can believe that miracles and fairytales exist. Disney has been sprinkling its glittery fairy dust over many generations and manages to bring that little child in you to life. Not something you can miss.

Best Destination for Summer Holiday

India itself is home to a number of excellent summer holiday destinations. The popular ones are enlisted below with snippets:

1. Ooty: Ooty has been gaining popularity steadily and is threatening the once-infallible dominance of some north Indian hill stations. This south Indian destination is way quieter and serener. But the best thing is that this Nilgiri-nested town does not make a hole in your wallet. Holiday tour packages for Ooty can be afforded even by a small-time clerk. But that doesn’t mean that this place lacks class. With Botanical Gardens, 20 million year old tree trunk, Rose Garden, Ooty Lake, Emerald Lake, Dodabetta Peak and much more- you can be sure you are in a place as beautiful as the Scottish hills.

Ahead of the Tamil New

2. Manali: Manali, the hill town in Himachal Pradesh, is another popular summer destination known for its panorama, tranquility and a recent surge in sports. Along with the neighbor Kullu, they form an awesome twosome! Parasailing has become one of the hottest excuses for tourists to fly off to this destination! Plus, cool weather, photogenic landscape and a host of sightseeing attractions (including old temples and waterfalls) will give you enough reasons to pack your bag straight away!


3. Switzerland: If your bag is jingling with heavy cash or if you are looking to impress your new wife, then you can also leap away to the Alpine charms of Switzerland! It is here that Shahrukh Khan’s ‘DDLJ’ was shot! So, you must already be familiar with the hypnotic beauty of this place! Scenic charms aside, Switzerland is also a great place to enjoy sports like skiing, sledging, trekking, camping and a few water sports. There are some quaint buildings too. Plus, the chocolate factories and branded watches will make your jaws drop while you go shopping! Best holiday packages for Switzerland are available during the summer time. But we warn you- you just might fall madly, deeply, incorrigibly in love with SWITZERLAND!


Warming it up with Hot Springs in Bali

When you are in Indonesia, you have got to be in Bali. And when you are in Bali, you have got to peep into its basket of hot springs. It counts amongst the top things to do in Bali and is something which will leave you asking (make that begging) for more. Swimming in one such hot spring is a fascinating thing and a dream come true for many. Some novices may get a feel that the hot spring is a simmering body of boiling water in which swimming is akin to jumping in fire. But hey wait, it may be warm, but the water is certainly bearable and is not a pot of smoke (do you really think we would push our readers to jump in the line of fire, huh)!

And on a light note, this is one ‘hot’ property you can always check out without your wife/girlfriend getting all boiled up at you.

Volcano Batur is one top tourist attraction where the activities of volcano climbing and rafting are a rage. It also boasts of a natural hot water spring and is a place worth a second visit. No points for guessing, this region is one of the top draws for many Bali honeymoon packages.


Banjar Hot Water is another spring which enjoys its share of tourists and swimmers. Like most hot water springs, this one too is supposed to have healing traits. So, those who have certain skin ailments or those who just wish to go for a delightful swim can include this one in their Bali wish list. This natural spring is located nearby Wihara Temple which is another tourist attraction. It falls in the region of Singaraja which makes for a nice outing. In addition to the Banjar spring, it also has attractions like Buyan Lake, Gitgit Falls, Lovina Beach, Pulaki Temple and Tamblingan Lake to flaunt.

Banjar Hot Water

Bali, in a nutshell, is made up of forests, caves, temples, waterfalls, seas and springs. There are a number of volcanoes as well and nature does show its true colors to its wide-eyed visitors.

Miss Balishwari, our secret Bali agent, tells us that a Bali spring bath must be followed by a warm shower in your hotels. Though these springs are therapeutic, a sensitive person’s skin may not enjoy sharing the spring with dozens of other swimmers.

Just in case you don’t know how to swim, simply slid down, plunge your feet and splash waters at others.

Amarnath Yatra Registration How to register for the Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath Yatra is a pilgrim journey that transports you to the doorstep of Lord Shiva at his abode in the Amarnath cave. The cave houses the coveted ice shrine of Shiva and is located in the Himalayan territories of Jammu & Kashmir. The yatra season will soon kick off this summer (the yatra is organized between May and October/November) and this can be a great time for you to pay your homage to the Lord of Immortality (or Amarnath).

Amarnath Yatra

Amarnath yatra requires registration since the trip is officially organized and every measure is taken to ensure safety and protection for the pilgrims. It goes without saying that the journey is an arduous one, since there are steep climbs and treks involved which can be both wearisome and adventurous. Most of the pilgrims are in the upper age bracket and it is a test of strength (both physical and mental) for them to negotiate these mountainous tracks. Furthermore, the climate is no friendlier than Harbhajan Singh is to Andrew Symonds! The weather is pretty cold even during the summer months and the frequent outburst of clouds during the monsoons can make the journey a lot more difficult.


Therefore, the officials are very proactive in ensuring foolproof measures and security for every tourist. Facilities have to be provided in right proportion and advance bookings are mandatory. You cannot just wake up one June morning and decide to head to Amarnath. Non-registered pilgrims are denied entry, as per the government’s rule. You will have to get yourself and your family members (all those who are traveling) registered in the prescribed manner a few weeks (or months) before the yatra season commences.

amarnath yatra
Registration is a hassle-free task and can even be done online right from your homely comforts. There are travel portal website, agents, and tour planners who can do the job for you in a jiffy. They will charge a small commission but the amount will be nominal and you shall be provided all the comforts you can ask for.

Online registration for the Amarnath Yatra has already begun a long time back and is in full flow at the moment. You must not delay it further or else you may miss out the deadline. Some important documents which will be required for the registration include:

  • Name in full
  • Gender
  • Address in full
  • Telephone numbers
  • ID proof


In addition, you can also buy the Amarnath Yatra packages for planning your whole itinerary in advance. Such an action would help you avoid unnecessary expenditure and last-minute hassles. Besides, when you are going to remote locations like Amarnath, then it is always recommended to chalk out your schedule in advance. These packages shall also help you save around 30-40% money and would ensure comfortable stay (getting accommodations at the last minute can be very difficult in these sparsely populated hills). With the package, you can also book helicopter flight for you and your entire family since a certain portion of the yatra needs to be traversed through these flying machines.