Top things to do in London

Procrastinating is bad for a backpacker’s health. So, instead of thinking whether you should go or not, or when should you go and on what if the weather turns bad, we would say that you just book your Europe holiday packages and get set for a hip-hop London trip.

London is amongst the most endearing tourist destinations since it mixes up history with present-day attractions in an effortless manner. Here we present the top things to do in London. We are not saying that these are the only best things about this city. There are loads more. Just make sure that you do not skip out on the ones mentioned below:

Visiting the British Museum: A museum may not sound all that exciting to a non-museum type of a person. But believe us, the British Museum is really something special. It has got things you only read about in books and never thought existed in reality. Just like that Rosetta Stone which can singlehandedly spawn an entire novella of history.


Skating: In case you do end up procrastinating and thus postpone your trip to the far end of summer, we would growl and ask you to skip this point. But we are an optimistic bunch and we will happily assume that your trip is going to materialize this winter itself, in which case we would say that you must try ice skating. Some interesting skating spots will be the Tower of London and Hyde Park.

Tower of London

Eye the city from The London Eye: The London Eye is a huge jaw-dropping merry-go-round which used to be the highest of its kind until Singapore Flyer dethroned it. It will offer you an excellent panorama of the city. Plus, the experience will give you the kind of thrills which will make your heart say cuss words to you.


Watch plays: There are some really good theatres in the city and if you love art, then it would be a great idea to up your PQ level. (PQ= Play quotient, you silly)

Other attractions: A few other attractions you must visit include Imperial War Museum, National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. And don’t forget to eat. Eating and eating big is amongst the best things to do in London, says a compulsive foodie.

Light and Sound Show in Udaipur’s City Palace

Udaipur is amongst the best honeymoon and historic destinations in India. Nestled in the state of Rajasthan, this city is called the ‘City of Lakes and Palaces’. The combination of natural lakes and manmade palaces make this destination a one-of-a-kind one. City Palace is easily amongst the finest places to visit Udaipur and its ‘Light and Sound Show’ is one of its major highlights.

For exploring the palace, you need to visit the tourist attraction during the daytime. But you have got to come back later in the evening for getting forlorn in the history of this place through the words of Pandit Narendra Mishra, the official poet who has penned the script of ‘Yash Ki Dharohar’ which is narrated during this show.

light and sound show udaipur

The one-hour episode is a rundown on the Mewar dynasty and paints a vivid imagery of the rise of Udaipur. The story travels back in time and takes the viewers onto a poignant journey spanning over a period of 1500 years. Expect to get smitten by the wealth of historic information, also expect a lump or two in the throat! The rendition is beautiful and the words are powerful.

Timings: The Hindi shows are held between 8-9 pm (May to August). The English narrations are beamed from 7-8 pm (September-March) and from 7:30-8:30 pm (April).

Ticket price: The tickets are priced between Rs 100-200, depending on the location of the seat. The ground seats are cheaper while those on elevated platforms are pricier. Children can get away with tickets costing Rs 50-75. The tickets are available at the ticket counter at City Palace.


During your Rajasthan tour, in case you happen to drop by Jaipur, you can also catch up with the ‘Light and Sound’ show held every evening at Amber Fort. This is one of those shows which will make you fall in love with history, even if you have loathed it all your life. The baritone voice of Amitabh Bachchan is spellbinding and the script is full of such impactful words and lucidity that you will be in a daze by the time the show ends. The ticket price is Rs 100 for the Hindi show and Rs 200 for the English one. We would suggest that you watch the Hindi show if you understand the language.

Under the best Jaipur packages, you can also do plenty of sightseeing and check out spots like Chowki Dhani, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Hawa Mahal.

Gold ATMs in Dubai: A golden surprise awaiting you this shopping season

Though the true full form of ATM is ‘Automatic Teller Machine’ (as some of you may be knowing, in case you watch KBC), but there is a vulgar notion amongst many that it is the abbreviation for ‘Any Time Money’. Well, on that count, Dubai should change the name for some of its machines to ATG which should spell out as ‘Any Time Gold’.


Yes, if you are getting ideas after reading that, then we are delighted that you are getting ideas. Coz believe it or not, Dubai has Gold ATMs where you can get gold coins and bars trickling out of the slot space. You just need to feed cash of the existing gold price and in return, you can get gold.

That can be a strong incentive for you to buy our Dubai tourism packages. Not that, the city lacks attractions. There are shopping malls of every size imaginable. Dubai Mall, Ibn Batutah Mall, Mall of the Emirates- you name it, you get it.


Plus, the shopping festival Dubai is about to kick off this January. (2nd January- 2nd February, 2014) and will be a month-long affair of blitzkrieg shopping, eating and merrymaking.

One of the best places to locate such a Gold ATM is the Dubai Mall itself, which also happens to be the one of the topmost attractions of the city. The mall is extremely huge and it is unlikely that you will be able to explore it in just one day. Anyway, look for Galeries Lafayette where this ATM is situated.


Such an ATM has been another master stroke by Dubai tourism which has already got a lot of aces to flaunt. This Gold ATM has not only piqued the interest of foreign tourists and the demand for Dubai tourism packages, but it has also helped shoppers to quickly purchase gold.

Dubai, of course, is like a gold mine and this strategy has worked well in luring potential customers to get home a 24 karat gold coin. Alternately, there are Gold Souks (gold markets) where you can do the purchasing the traditional way.


If you ask us when to visit Dubai, we would say anytime, excepting the sultry days between March and June. The December-February period should be considered ideal for the upcoming season.

The Egypt You Don’t See

So you’ve decided to fly to Egypt and experience a little slice of ancient history. Yes, we all know of the Pyramids and we all know of the tombs, but what about the things you don’t hear about. What are these little bits of authenticity which you don’t usually read about that makes this holiday location a unique place to visit? This article will show just a few of the activities and places to visit that aren’t as well known as the main tourist attractions! Whether you’ve decided to stay in the smaller city of Hurghada or you’re staying in one of Egypt’s main cities like Cairo, this article will have you covered in this stunning country!

The Markets and How to Barter


One of the greatest places to go, day or night, is to one of the many markets dotted around every city or village. These are great places to pick up little bargains but don’t expect to go in and pay the asking price. You’ll be expected to barter/haggle for the price. It’s important that you get used to haggling so you don’t get ripped off. One of the tips I can give you is to not start off too low and offend the seller! Judging the price is where the skill and experience comes from. The bottom line, don’t be nervous and have fun!

The Shisha Bars

The Shisha Bars

One of the most common ways to smoke tobacco in the Middle East is to smoke it through a shisha pipe. Now if you have children with you on your holiday, this won’t be an option for you. However, if you’re travelling by yourself or a partner, you should check out these bars and experience smoking tobacco through a hubbly bubbly. Make sure you try as many flavours of tobacco as you can. I recommend the apple flavour as it has a strong a very distinctive taste!

The Safari’s


With a great opportunity to get up close and personal with animals you’ll never get close to usually, Egypt safaris are a great way to see species such as Lions, Tigers and Hippos. The trip usually lasts a day so make sure you book it in advance and take plenty of water and food with you. By travelling in air conditioned jeeps, you won’t have to worry about getting too hot in the desert either. This is a great activity for all the family!

Delhi- Land of Enchanted Fantasies!

Delhi has always been a land of amazing extremes with enchantment flourishing in almost every possible corners. From the narrow galis to the wide and developed lanes, everything over here comes packed with a sheer glimpse of surprise. Standing tall as the capital for both, country and travel, the city holds everything that you might possibly need to loft your traveling fantasies.

There is no paradox that the capital city houses in itself a class apart and rich as well as varied heritage that is backed with astounding monuments, which brags about the glorious past. There is no paradox in saying that once you’re here in this land, you’ll be pampered with the kiss of homecoming every time. No matter if you’re a fond traveler, and avid shopaholic or just a wanderer, you’ll be served with everything that you might have just jot down in your itinerary.

Once you step on the magical land, you would probably like to jog your eyes onto the following destinations of your interest.

Jama Masjid


Starting up the day in a spiritual manner has always been a custom in India. So, why not be the same with your travel plan!

I bet a lime cake, you’ll fall in love with the tranquility and devotional ambience around you as soon as you step in the Mosque premises. Built between the 1644 to 1658 by great Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, the monument stands as the perfect example of ancient Islamic architecture. However, one should take utmost care of putting off the shoes before and also wearing proper attire while making an entry so as to maintain the decorum of the premises.

Chandni Chowk

Chandni chowk

Revive the zeal of being a Delhite in its own nostalgic way! Of course, one cannot afford to miss the shopping carnival that sets live everyday on the lanes of the Old Delhi area, Chandni Chowk. The market in itself, is an example of traditional market forms of the Old Delhi setting that has now become a signature theme of the same overall. All in all, your eyeballs will surely see a glimpse of the lifestyle that otherwise might have been a tale of bygone era anyways.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is more of an upgrade to the traditional village market altogether in a brand new way. Located at the center of the city, the setting of the place is rich and mesmerizing that one would surely fall in love with. Catering all the handicrafts and food joints in one confined space, Dilli Haat is undoubtedly one stop solution for quenching all your savvy needs pertaining to shopping and obviously, eating.

Wrapping up, Delhi Tour Packages might just be the one of the amazing trip that you might have planned to chalk out. There is simply no repeating that the aroma of this land is unique and differentiated in its own way. Certainly, you’ll end up loving everything that will come around your way.

Celebrating New Year in Ooty

Ooty, for some, may be the Queen of the Hills, but for many it is just another way of life. At your home towns, you must be involved in your hectic daily routines, but a trip to this charming hill station can show you the true treasures of life. Ooty is a versatile destination as such since it caters to families, friends, backpackers, adventurists as well as honeymooners. Its trekking tracks whet the appetite of an adventure enthusiast while its romantic lakes and hills act like a magnet for love birds. Cheap Ooty holiday packages chalked out by travel operators may help you celebrate New Year in this corner of India. It can be an exhilarating way of saying hello to 2014 and goodbye to 2013.

Dodabetta Peak

To those who need a formal introduction about Ooty, keep this in mind that the place has got a huge entourage of tourist spots. One of its prime attractions is the Botanical Garden which is languidly spread over 55 acres and has treasures like the 20-million old fossil tree trunk. Botanical Garden is huge and has so many jaw-dropping attractions that you can easily spend your entire one day simply strolling over this garden.

If Botanical Garden unleashes your desires for greenery, which it is bound to do, also hop over to the Rose Garden, which is another decently popular tourist spot.

Botanical Garden

Just a small distance away from the main town is the Dodabetta Peak. At over 2600 m, it is Nilgiri’s summit and is always under limelight for the OMG view it provides. If you claim to be some sort of a photographer, do make sure to swivel your camera at this point.

The Ooty Lake is another highlight of most Ooty packages. Spread over 2 km, this artificial lake is noted as a picnic spot and offers boating to sightseers and lovers. Wenlock Downs, Pykara Falls and Pykara River are some of the other must-visit attractions of Ooty.

Pykara Falls

How to reach Ooty: You can reach Ooty through flight by getting off at the Coimbatore airport (the nearest airport) and then catching a cab or hiring a car. You may also travel by train and get off at Mettupalayam, the nearest rail station which is around 47 km from Ooty.

Where to Go for this New Year

Here are our pick for the best beaches this New Year’s eve:

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


Second only to Carnival, Re’veillon (New Year’s Eve) will see around two million people descend onto the sands of the Copacabana. Arguably the largest New Year’s Eve party in the world, you will be guaranteed a wild, unforgettable night like no other. There will be fireworks and there will be beautiful people and you will be engulfed by the free spirit that is Brazil. Tradition calls for you to be donned in white, considered the lucky color to bring prosperity for the following year.

Miami, USA

Amazing weather, parades, fireworks and crazy party people! What better way to ring in the New Year. Miami parties the whole year and it only gets better at this time of the year. You have a whole horde of beach clubs to choose from with wacky themes and exotic entertainment, swaying to the music of top DJ’s from across the globe.

Phuket, Thailand


The celebrations here start well in advance with the Half Moon festival just before Christmas. This is followed by the customary Full Moon party on the 25th. In a lead up to the main event, there are beach football and volleyball tournaments, even a bikini contest. The Koh Phangan island is the place to be with the crowds arriving over 2weeks before New Year’s Eve itself. The actual New Years Eve party is a riot, the island is jam packed with a wide selection of clubs and beach parties to suit your need.

Goa, India


Every December, tourists and backpackers from across the globe arrive at the quaint beaches of Goa to welcome the New Year. With it’s inherent Portuguese influences, Goa is laid back and has a handful of interesting beaches to explore. Goa hosts Asia’s biggest electronic dance music festival, Sunburn, for a couple of days just the big eve. You will find an eclectic mix of people to lose yourself in. And don’t forget to try the locally brewed fenny!

Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is renowned for its Grand beach parties and first class entertainment on New Year’s Eve.

‘One Night of Pacha’ on New Year’s Eve takes place at the famous Pacha Ibiza and continues into New Year’s Day and ongoing celebrations at the beach.