Volcano Tours in Bali

Volcanoes, even though destructive, haven’t stopped fascinating people. Tourists to Bali can now check out either the scenery around the Batur Volcano and its neighbouring lake or the volcano at Mt. Agung and its lovely surroundings. Bali Tourism offers Bali packages that include tours to the different volcanic regions. These are reasonably priced and do not take much time up.

Visit the Fuming Mount Batur

Mount Batur is one of the famous volcanos in Bali and it is still very active. You can see smoke emanating from its crater. You can opt for the guided treks included in Bali packages for volcano tours, up to the mount to watch the mesmerising sunrise from there. The best time of the year to witness the sunrise from Mt. Batur, is the when its comparatively drier, that is between April and September. Wet seasons make the trek a bit risky due to the slippery paths. From the Kintamani hill, the view of the volcano and its lake is splendid. The volcano last erupted in 2000.

Agung: the Highest Volcanic Mount

Being the top most point in the Bali Island, this active volcano influences the surrounding climate quite a lot. While the western part of it is thriving with vegetation due to the rain clouds that shower water there, the eastern part is arid. You can avail the Bali tourism department’s guided tours for a trek to the top of this mount too. A view of the entire island of Bali from the top of the mount will make you spellbound.