What to bring back from Bangkok: Some popular mementos everyone buys

Bangkok has markets which deserve to be trodden and the city has malls which must be visited. In any case, female travelers are going to visit these places anyhow, no matter what you say! So, a lot of shopping should be on cards. And since Bangkok sells almost everything, you can bring back whatever you want and whatever you like (except for a local Thai girl, of course).

Thai silk is a famous product and those of you who love fabrics should shop for them. It serves as a useful and great memento. Besides, Thai silk is quite cheap and has a remarkable quality.


You can also carry back a suit or a tailored shirt, for that matter. It is the best gift you can bring for a male relative or friend back in India. If you love branded products, then you can hunt down almost every available brand in the swanky retail outlets at Bangkok’s malls. Bangkok holiday packages would put you on a shopping spree, literally. So, bringing back a Gucci watch or a branded bag won’t be a bad idea.

handicrafts of Thailand

You can also opt for handicrafts which are made by poor villagers. You can get them at the Grand Palace, which is one of the biggest attractions of Bangkok.

Then there are some spa products which you may be interested in buying, unless you are a male or one of those weird females who is not interested in beauty products. (By the way, in the process, also indulge in a spa session. It would be a great experience and is not that expensive you know).

You can also buy a figure of laughing Buddha or other similar souvenirs. But if you are picking them up from roadside stalls, then do remember to bargain hard (really hard as if your life depends on it).

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Five Best Things to do in Dubai if it is Your Maiden Trip

Dubai has emerged as a destination of domineering stature, one which has got no rival on the planet. This statement is adequately attested by giant landmarks like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall which sit haughtily on the land of Dubai and bask under the riveting attention they receive throughout the year. With Dubai tour being rolled out on net, even people with modest means can plan that dream trip to this dream destination.

And if you are heading to Dubai for the first time, then allow us to guide you a bit. So, here are the five best things you must do in Dubai, or else we would force you to go again:

Crooning on the dunes: No, you don’t exactly need to croon, but your hormone levels would be so high in thrill that we dare you to stop yourself from screaming aloud! Dubai is a destination for the dune-lovers, or to be precise for those who always wanted to step foot on such phantasmagoric deserts which we only hear or read about but never see face-to-face. Enjoy camel rides or jeep safaris or simply walk bare-footed and feel the sand-laden air strike your face- these dunes are all yours!

Camel Ride
Luxurious dining: If you are en route to Dubai under romantic honeymoon packages, then you should treat your spouse with some luxurious dinners by the beach or on the desert. Dining at desert is no longer a distant possibility, and the beach outside the Burj Al Arab offers you an intensely memorable dining experience!

Luxury dining

Dining experience in Dubai

Kidding around: In case, you are with your kids, then we can assure you that you will never run out of attractions. From the Indoor Skiing to KidZania to the Dubai Aquarium, this destination is where you can simply turn a kid with your kid.
Checking the best of the best: Dubai houses some of the best attractions of Dubai which the world has to offer. If Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade thing on the planet, then Dubai Mall is the largest mall and the Burj Al Arab is the most talked-after hotel! Just check them out one by one!

Mosques and souks: The mosques and souks are quite unique attractions which you must not skip during your stay.

So when it comes to Dubai, there should be no looking back! Just toss your clothes inside your trunks and get ready for the adrenaline rush!

Ideal Time to Visit Goa For Honeymoon

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. Well, our own planet, that is, Earth also plays host to a little heaven of its own! It is our favorite holiday destination – the freaky Goa. Goa is a place that meets the needs of every person, whether it is a party freak, adventure junkie, nature lover, kids, archaeologist, and most significantly the honeymooners. Honeymooners look for a place that offers privacy, romantic ambience, seclusion, and a pleasant weather. Goa is the ultimate place where two nervous people open up to each other, and strengthen their bond of marriage.


The best time to visit Goa for honeymoon is the time when you can feel romance in the air, like the entire world is trying to sew the couple in one single needle of love and affection. Given that romance always flourishes in this city, the couples can choose any time of the year as an ideal time for honeymoon. Newlyweds who love a bit of adventure can try dolphin cruises, backwater cruises in Mandovi and Zuari Rivers, and fun-packed water sports on the seductive beaches.



The white sandy beaches have always been a couple’s favorite. Relaxing and sunbathing under the bright rays of the sun, swimming with your partner in the cool crystal waters, and walking along the beach holding hands are a couple of romantic things newlyweds like to do at the beach side. They can walk along the street to view the ancient churches and temples of the city, and indulge in scrumptious Goan delicacies. There are a plethora of stalls wherefrom the shopaholics can quench their shopping hunger. At night they can spend quality time amidst loud parties, grooving together to the tunes of rocking music. They can even stay at honeymoon resorts that are romantically designed to provide absolute seclusion to the newlyweds.


Even though Goa is fun at all time of the year, missing the romantic monsoons would be inappropriate for honeymooners. So, it is the monsoon season (June to September) that is ideally for book Goa honeymoon packages.

Steering through the Ganga in Rishikesh

Situated in the mountainous state of Uttarakhand in North of India, Rishikesh is a picturesque spot and one of the prime pilgrim sites in the country.  But praying and paying homage to Lord Shiva at the temples is not the only thing to do in this hilly area.

Shiva Idol in Rishikesh on the banks of River Ganga

River Ganga, which flows very calmly at different parts of North and East India, is completely different at Rishikesh. Here the river flows between mountains at both sides and with tremendous force and current which makes Rishikesh a perfect spot for river rafting. Steering through the rocky terrains lying underneath the ‘pistachio’ green water of the Ganga is a horrifying activity that is also very exciting.


Rishikesh rafting is a very popular activity in Northern India and is being performed by hundreds of people who look for adventure tourism opportunities. Steering through strong waves powered by tremendous current could be risky at times but there lies the challenge.

It is a big test for adventure lovers and they need to show perseverance. You can sail out on an adventurous voyage on a small boat, choose from different routes that differ in duration and enjoy indescribable scenic beauty of the surroundings of the river.


There are different Rishikesh rafting packages that you can choose from. If there is a time crunch, opting for a half day rafting package for Brahmapuri-Muni ki Reti would be perfect. It’s an 11 km journey and you can complete it in three hours. The journey starts from Brahmapuri which is at a distance of 20 minutes. After reaching the spot, you need to walk to the river, take a boat and sail on.

If time is not a problem, then you can buy the full day Rishikesh river rafting package and sail out on the Shivpuri-Muni Ke Reti route. It is a 17 km journey and takes three to four hours to complete.  For this trip, you need to reach Shivpuri and start voyage from there. The Shivpuri-Muni-Beti Package is the most popular Rishikesh rafting option.

What makes Ooty the favorite summer holiday destination?

Ooty is the Sachin Tendulkar of hill stations. Everyone loves it, irrespective of the age, caste or gender. This South Indian holiday destination is one fabulous place which bridges the geographical divide between the south and the north, making people from as far as Delhi and Rajasthan to fly away into the nature-filled arms of the Nilgiris.

doddabetta ooty

Ooty has, for many, become synonymous with memories, with childhood, with solitude, with nostalgia. You can move around with your family in Ooty (there are countless places to visit in Ooty for family), you can take a hike with friends, you can go for trekking or camping with a bunch of backpackers, and you could simply climb over to the Dodabetta (the highest peak in the region) and stare eye-to-eye at the sinking sun. But when you need some private time out, then Ooty will lend you that solitude which is so hard to find in our metro cities. Ooty shall withdraw itself and leave you amidst your most intimate soliloquies so that you can reflect about life and about olden times.

StStephens Church Ooty

As for the sightseeing attractions, Ooty serves you a dollop of romance with lakes like the Emerald and Ooty Lake. Its tranquil gardens like the Botanic Gardens hold a number of attractions to marvel at. Avalanche Lake is another tourist spot and the good old Stone House can give your cameras some vintage fodder. St. Stephen’s Church has a warm endearing quality about it. It is an old church and its unassuming yet daunting build can hold your hands and take you back to the old era.

Romantic honeymoon packages are churned out by holiday planners keeping in mind the various needs of the tourists. Without having to overspend and without having to hassle yourself, you can go for this trip. It will be a simple promenade to a poetic land; a walk to remember this summer. Indeed!


Best 5 Places to Explore in Mauritius

Mauritius has emerged as one of the topmost tourist’s destinations in the world. Perched magnificently on the Indian Ocean, this island nation is surrounded by enticing coral reefs on almost every side. The pristine sandy beaches, exotic locales, the tranquility of the enigmatic nightlife, and mesmerizing species of flora and fauna can all be unveiled with a little guidance from the Mauritius tourism information guide.  Visiting this paradise is incomplete if a tourist has not been to:

Grand Baie:  Imagine spending your vacation in a seaside village. The words itself spells magic, and causes butterflies to fly in stomach. Apart from the drop-dead panoramic view, Grand Baie also offers a tantalizing nightlife and great shopping opportunities. Try out the amazing water sports; relax in the arms of nature.

Grand Baie, view from the offshore

Black River Gorges: As opposed to its name, the Black River Gorges is actually a national park that covers a wide area of the island. It is an idyllic place to watch myriad hue of birds and fauna, including some of the rarest ones. It is maintained by the National Parks and Conservation Service, and houses species like Mauritian flying fox, parakeets, and Chinese guava, etc.

Chamarel: This place adds a ‘wow’ factor to the charismatic beauty of Mauritius. If you wish to see or even touch a rainbow, then just head over to the Chamarel village to see the ‘Seven Colored Earth’ with 7 amazingly distinctive colors. Try mixing it with hand, and it will automatically get separated into its original shades of 7! There is also a children’s area nearby for entertainment of kids.

Chamarel Mauritius

La Morne Brabant: This UNESCO World Heritage Site has captured millions of hearts over the years. This marvelous peninsula nestles a solitary basaltic rock, 1821 feet long, that stands carelessly above sea level.

Port Louis Waterfront: What makes this place so special is the delicious spread of mouth-watering multi-cuisine delicacies and duty-free shops.

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Discover Srilanka As A Best Place Ever !!

Sri Lanka is the one amazing country where everyone wants to reach it’s history & culture, also want to look the wide variety of water resorts which becoming the popular among tourists. Most importantly, when you touch base in Sri Lanka, guidance is get out of Colombo! You may have the capacity to use a day there in the galleries or strolling the occupied museums around the locals, however in the event that you are short on time or cash either stick with it outside of the primary town in spots like Mount Lavinia or get one of the numerous transports or trains going north, east, or south.

Sri Lanka is a round island and could be travel in numerous bearings and systems. Case in point, flying out from Colombo to Kandy is clearly simpler and more agreeable via prepare by sightseeing the Buddhist temple with fresh atmosphere which reflect in calm water. Also make the travel by transport also manages breathtaking perspectives as you wind up the mountain. Tickets are bargain basement, and in the event that you crave spending too much you can even purchase a top notch ticket that has cooling and Wi-Fi! Weigh out Seat accessibility in Sri Lanka page for educational parts on train voyage. Is it true that you are looking towards the transportation in Sri Lanka tour? At that point running govt & private transports, trains are the incredible case on account of Sri Lanka tour.  If you are attempting to know the transport with aerated and cooled, colour, seat seats all are have to include instance of voyage time. Near Bentota landing down the sandy beaches with thick blushes of flower which is art by local & international artists.


In case of holiday trip what do you want to visit in Sri Lanka? Then have a look by sight seeing some experiences of places like Yala national park, Pinnawala elephant orphanage, beach in Galle, Negombo city, Udawalawe safari, Anuradhapura. Other tourist destinations such as national park & temples exactly encounter the tourist destinations like temples, resorts where you can travel through by bus. During the travel time if you are feeling hungry then take the tasty food at high class restaurant. If you want to take food among large no of crowds then have a taste on shoveling rice, curry with best quality & delicious dishes. Not only will you take the vegetable dishes especially in dinner & lunch but also find add on snacks in evening like cakes, roti, drinks & biscuits at reasonable prices. To keep your budget like per person US $ 425 under control made an effort to see the attractions with incredible Galle Fort.


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